Equity Crowdfunding is simple through Equitise

How to Invest

Equity Crowdfunding offers you a new and easy way to invest in exciting businesses you’re passionate about.

Getting started

First, if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, sign up for free. Complete your investor profile to access offers and start browsing for your next investment! The investment overview page outlines the business’s financials, strategy and offer to help you decide if this is the right investment for you. We also clearly articulate who is eligible to invest in each offer.

Start investing

Found a business you believe has potential? You can invest via the Equitise platform from as little as $50. Simply choose the amount and pay for your investment securely by bank transfer.

Own a piece of the pie

After the capital raise ends you become a shareholder in the business! You’ll get regular company updates and newsletters. If the company is sold or floated on the stock exchange, you have the option to sell your shares and potentially receive a return on your investment.

We care about you

Like all investments, equity crowdfunding involves risk. Equitise completes a list of checks and balances on each business we assess. We encourage our investor community to conduct thorough diligence on all businesses prior to making an investment through the platform.

Active investor network

Friends, family and loyal supporters make up ‘the crowd’ who invest alongside professional and venture capitalists.

diversified investment
New and exciting offers

Seed, series A, B or C – we work with all types of businesses which gives you choice in your investments.

Equity crowdfunding
Flexible investments

From as little as $50 investors can invest in potential high growth early-stage businesses in exchange for shares.

Equity crowdfunding
Business & Investor Relations

Both investors and businesses can easily keep-in-touch throughout the investment lifecycle.

Equity crowdfunding
Secure Transactions

We are authorised to hold and transfer funds in secure, dedicated client trust accounts in Australia and New Zealand

“1Above were very impressed with the level of service… specifically with the efficiency around the onboarding and the diligence period. The experienced team were able to provide us with insightful comments to further strengthen our offer and put our best foot forward.”
Stephen Smith, CEO of 1Above

It’s free to invest

Fees should be fair and simple. Registering on Equitise and making an investment through the platform is free. However, if an Issuer chooses to use the Equitise Nominee service, then we may elect to charge investors Carry. This will be clearly articulated in each individual offer.


  • check-iconFree to invest
  • check-iconNo administration or legal fees
  • check-iconNo hidden costs or charges