This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is dated 10 November 2016 and is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use any of the financial services offered by Equitise Pty Limited (Equitise). Equitise is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lodge Partners Pty Ltd (AFSL #246271). Lodge Partners has authorised Equitise to distribute this FSG.


The FSG aims to clearly define the role and responsibility of Equitise when it provides retail clients with financial services described in this FSG. In particular, this FSG contains information about:

  • documents that you should read in relation to offers available from us;
  • the financial services we provide and the financial products to which those services relate;
  • our contact details and how you may give us instructions;
  • how we, our staff and other relevant persons are paid for the financial services offered as well as the associations or relationships between us and any related persons and issuers of financial products that might influence how we provide the financial services; and
  • how complaints against us are dealt with.


In deciding to invest in any Initial Public Offer (IPO) or other capital raising, you must read the prospectus, product disclosure document (PDS) or other offer document relating to the offer in full. If you are classified as a sophisticated investor, experienced investor or wholesale investor under s708, s761G or s761GA of the Corporations Act, you may be eligible to participate in offers that are only available to ‘wholesale clients’ as that term is defined under the Corporations Act. Protections available to retail clients under the Corporations Act will not be available in respect of those offers and the offers will not be made under a prospectus or PDS.


You may contact Equitise on the details below:

Registered business address Equitise
Level 4, Tank Stream Labs
17-19 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000
ACN 600 053 745
Phone +61 2 9119 0585

You may contact Lodge on the details below:

Address Level 6/90 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone (613) 9200 7000



Equitise is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act by the Financial Markets Authority to provide an equity crowdfunding service in New Zealand. Equitise provides an equity crowdfunding service, under which Issuers seek to raise capital through the Website.

The terms under which Equitise provides equity crowdfunding services are set out in:

All of the above documents are available on the Equitise website.

Financial Advice

Equitise is authorised to provide general financial product advice only. Any advice provided by Equitise is done without taking account of your objectives, financial situation and needs. Equitise strongly recommends that you consider your own specific objectives, financial situation or needs and seek independent accounting, financial, taxation, and legal advice, prior to making any investment decision. As a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lodge Partners Pty Ltd (AFSL #246271), Equitise is authorised to provide the following financial services to retail and wholesale clients:

  • Deal in financial products by issuing, applying, varying or disposing of the following classes of products:
    • Interests in managed investment schemes excluding investor directed portfolio services; and
    • Securities.
  • Apply for, acquire, vary or dispose of the following classes of financial products on behalf of another:
    • Interests in managed investment schemes excluding investor directed portfolio services; and
    • Securities.
  • Provide general financial product advice to retail and wholesale clients for the following classes of financial products:
    • Interests in managed investment schemes excluding investor directed portfolio services; and
    • Securities.

Types of Advice

General advice may differ from what you might commonly understand or expect. General advice under Australian law can include statements or Equitise's opinions about the market and products that we recommend to you. Any advice provided or any discussion you have with an Equitise employee in relation to any product, should only be regarded as general advice and will not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.
Equitise does not provide and is not authorised to give personal advice. Personal advice is financial advice that takes your particular financial situation, objectives or needs into account. If you require personal advice you will need to speak to your financial adviser.

Types of Products

Financial products available through Equitise for IPO offers are new securities or interests (securities) issued by companies (or other entities) listed or seeking to list on the ASX (Issuer). The name of the Issuer and the details of the offer are clearly displayed on the Equitise website.

In providing financial services to you, Equitise is acting on behalf of the Issuers to assist them in obtaining applications in relation to the relevant offers. If the Issuer is conducting the offer under a prospectus or PDS, this document will be available through the Equitise website. You should read this prospectus or PDS carefully prior to investing.

Eligible Investors

If the Issuer of the new securities is conducting the offer without a prospectus, PDS (or other offering document available to retail clients), this offer is only available to eligible investors under s708, s761G or s761GA of the Corporations Act.
You may be eligible to participate if you are deemed a sophisticated, professional or experienced investor under s708, s761G or s761GA of the Corporations Act. If so, you will need to undertake Equitise’s investor on-boarding process and will be asked to verify your investor status prior to investing through the Equitise platform. Please check the Terms and Conditions of each offer as to whether you are eligible to participate.
Equitise reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse registration, terminate or suspend any person's registration, or refuse to permit any person to invest in any Issuer.


Investor Fees

Equitise does not charge fees to investors that invest in or bid for financial products.

Success Fees

Equitise may receive success fees, which are paid to Equitise by the Issuer of the new securities upon successful completion of their offer. These fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the amount of new securities sold (i.e. based on the amount of new funds raised) via the Equitise website. Equitise will not earn a trailing commission on IPO transactions. Equitise will earn and is entitled retain any interest on application moneys deposited with Equitise by clients. The amount paid to Equitise by Issuers will vary from time to time. You may make a written request for the particulars of any remuneration, commission or benefits payable to Equitise in respect of a particular product or service. Equitise employees, representatives and directors are remunerated by way of salary and other employee benefits. A discretionary cash bonus may be paid to employees and directors as part of their remuneration, based on their performance, and/or the performance of Equitise as a whole. Equitise employees, representatives and directors may receive commissions or benefits calculated by reference to the quantity or value of financial products they sell.

Referral Fees

Equitise may pay a commission, or other benefits, to parties who refer customers to Equitise. This may be a single one-off payment and varies between transactions, but is typically calculated as a percentage of the total value of financial products subscribed by the person in relation to a raising. You may make a written request for the particulars of any referral fees payable in respect of a particular offering.


Invest Process

Investors who are registered with Equitise, and have entered into an Investor Agreement, may invest in Issuers through our Website. The Investor must be logged in to make an investment.

To make an investment:

  • the Investor selects the amount they wish to invest, provided that it is at least the minimum investment amount specified in the Offer;
  • the Investor verifies his or her identity;
  • the Investor will be provided a copy of the Investment Agreement and asked to provide a digital signature to agree acceptance of the Investment Agreement;
  • the Investor will be asked to pay the subscription amount by Direct Debit and the Investor will be directed to a payment page which will authorise Equitise to debit the subscription amount from the Investor’s nominated bank account;
  • Equitise will debit the subscription amount from the Investor’s nominated bank account within three days of the date that the Investor enters into the Investment Agreement.

The subscription amount will be held in our trust account until the Offer closes. If the Issuer reaches its target funding amount, the Issuer will issue the shares to the Investors and Equitise will transfer the subscription amounts from our trust account to the Issuer (without interest, and less any fees owing by the Issuer to us). If the Issuer does not reach its target funding amount, the subscription amounts will be returned in full to the Investors (without interest) within 14 days of Equitise advising the Investors that the target funding amount was not reached.

Proceeds Handling

All investment amounts are held in our trust account with Westpac Bank until the company has successfully reached its fundraising target. Any interest earned on these funds will be retained by Equitise in consideration of the costs associated with processing the transaction. Funds held in our trust account are acknowledged by the Westpac Bank to be third party funds and will not be used to offset any amounts owed by Equitise.


Equitise is committed to providing clients with a high standard of service. We take complaints from clients very seriously and address them with appropriate care and attention.

Equitise has an established complaint handling procedure, set out below:

Step 1: Contact Equitise

Your first point of contact for raising concerns or providing feedback is Equitise on +61 2 9119 0585 or We aim to rectify most issues quickly and to your satisfaction.

Step 2: Complaints Officer

If you are unhappy with the response you have received, please write to our Complaints Officer who will work closely with you to address your concerns, and will update you regularly until the matter is resolved:

Complaints Officer
Equitise Pty Ltd
Level 4, Tank Stream Labs
17-19 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000

Step 3: Independent Dispute Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the resolution offered by our Complaints Officer, you can access our external dispute resolution scheme. Lodge Partners is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). FOS can be contacted on 1300780808. This is a free service for complainants.

They can be contacted at:

Financial Ombudsman Service
Toll Free: 1300 780 808
GPO Box3, Melbourne, VIC, 3001


Lodge Partners has professional indemnity insurance in place which satisfies the requirements for compensation arrangements pursuant to section 912B of the Act and ASIC policy guidance. This policy is subject to terms and exclusions and covers claims made against Equitise in relation to financial services provided by our current and former employees.Neither Equitise, nor any of its directors, authorised representatives, employees, or agents, makes any representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of any advice.