About Equitise

Company overview

Equitise brings the Australasian investment network together, providing a platform for high growth and innovative companies to partner with investors who believe in them. We make investing in companies accessible, efficient and safe for all investors. It's the modern way to raise capital.

Equitise was founded by Chris Gilbert, Jonny Wilkinson, Panche Gjorgjevski and Will Mahon-Heap.

Chris, Jonny and Will have backgrounds in law, investment banking, financial services and equity capital markets. They also have strong networks in the early stage finance and VC sector in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Panche is the technology guru behind Equitise.

The future of equity crowdfunding through Equitise

We are creating an intuitive and automated investment ecosystem which is highly social and inclusive for ALL investor (from family offices, to VC’s, high net worth angels and less experienced retail investors).

We want to make investing in private companies accessible, efficient and cool.
This is achieved within our investment platform through syndicate investment clubs. A “syndicated group” is an umbrella term it covers VC’s, Angel Groups and Investment Clubs.

The syndicated investment model sits within our equity crowdfunding technology and streamlines the traditional investment process for private investment groups. Syndicates enable private investment groups to fund their investments, share their investments with other investors in return for carry, get access to the Equitise Nominee (meaning only 1 shareholder on your investee business register) – all whilst accessing the benefits of our technology.

How does a syndicate work?


VC or Angel group creates a syndicate


Investors agree to coinvest with
the syndicate


Investors get access to future
syndicate deal flow

Our investors

To date, Equitise has attracted some of the most sophisticated and best financial investors Investec, AWI Ventures, H2 Ventures, Tank Stream Ventures and Bridgelane Capital. Equitise has also received investment from members of New Zealand’s most active Angel Group (Flying Kiwi Angels) and other well-known angel investors with prior exits in the online disruption space such as Spreets (exited to Yahoo!7 for $40m) and Brands Exclusive (exited to APN for $80m).

Investec Tank Stream Ventures BridgeLane Flying Kiwi Angels H2 Ventures