Fair Dealing Policy

As a part of our license and under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (Act) and the Regulations under the Act, Equitise is required to have in place a fair dealing policy.

Please read the following carefully as it constitutes Equitise’s Fair Dealing Policy and is in effect from 22nd December 2014.

1. Overview

Equitise has established processes and procedures to identify the suitability and appropriateness of an Issuer on our platform. These are used to determine if we will allow a particular company to raise capital through our service.

To be registered as an Issuer, a company must:

  • provide to Equitise all information which Equitise requires, as set out in the application process on the Equitise website at www.equitise.com; and

  • disclose all information that a reasonable person would wish to consider in investing in their company.

Equitise retains absolute discretion in any determination of suitability and appropriateness of any Issuer.

Equitise reserves the right at any time to:

  • not register any company as an Issuer; or

  • suspend or terminate the registration of any company as an Issuer;

where Equitise has information, believes or has cause to believe that the Issuer, or any person representing the Issuer (such as a director or manager) has, in registering to use Equitise's service, or where using Equitise's service:

  • engaged in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive;

  • made a false or misleading representation in contravention of section 22 of the Act;

  • made an unsubstantiated representation in contravention of section 23 of the Act;

  • has wilfully omitted any information that would influence an Investor’s decision to invest; or

  • has otherwise been in breach of Equitise's Issuer Agreement or Website Terms of Use.

2. How we apply our Fair Dealing Policy

Our processes for carrying out our Fair Dealing Policy are a combination of automated and manual checks. During our assessment of a potential Issuer, if we discover any information which is not consistent with the information provided to us by or on behalf of the potential Issuer, we will seek clarification of this. Ultimately if we are not satisfied with any information or explanations provided, we will exercise our discretion to not register the Issuer.

Equitise does not actively monitor Issuers' Offers, Offer Materials or any Pitch listed on the Equitise Website. Information set out in any Offer may not be complete or accurate at the time a potential investor views that information. Equitise is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of such information.