Akasha Brewing Co raise $1.7m from 545 investors!

Akasha Brewing Co raise $1.7m from 545 investors!

To fund their 5 year growth strategy, Akasha Brewing Co partner with Equitise to successfully raise $1.7m!

Minimum Funding Target: $500,000

Maximum Funding Target: $2,000,000

Amount Raised: $1,733,040

Total Investors: 543

Average Investment: $3,191


In June 2022, craft brewery Akasha successfully raised over $1.73m from a total of 543 investors. This raise continued Equitise’s success with craft brewery Equity Crowdfunds, having raised $1.5m for Batch Brewery and $2m for Spinifex in 2021. 

Who are Akasha 

Founded in 2015 in Sydney’s Five Dock, Akasha has helped spearhead Australia’s blossoming love affair with high-quality, hop-forward beer, rapidly becoming one of the most celebrated and successful independent breweries in the country. 

With a nationally recognisable brand, a stellar core range of highly awarded, eminently sessionable beers, and an expanding roster of limited release seasonal projects that pushes the art and science of brewing to new heights of invention, Akasha is now poised to expand. 

Akasha’s current range spans two key segments - its core range and seasonal range, known as Akasha project. Its core range being a hallmark of consistency and quality, it can be found at over 800 independent bottle shops, bars, pubs and clubs across Australia. The Akasha project  range represents an exciting expansion into new and diverse tastes, with each beer having its own unique flavour profile.  

One of Australia’s Top 30 independent craft producers by volume with revenue growth far exceeding the market as a whole, Akasha is currently making inroads into the Southeast Asia market with no plans of taking its foot off the accelerator. 

Why we liked the opportunity 

Clearly articulated growth strategy 

In recent times there has been an explosion of Australian craft breweries leading to an increasingly competitive market. As consumer consumption increasingly shifts towards premium, craft offerings, major players such as Asahi and Lion have made several acquisitions providing exits for founders and shareholders. The Akasha team has a clearly articulated 5 year growth strategy, with key milestones and targets that they believe will continue to separate them from competitors. Whilst some craft breweries have entered Equity Crowdfunding raises with the intent to remain independent indefinitely, Akasha are committed to maximising shareholder value and seeking returns and exits in whatever form they present.

Consistent Growth

Since its inception, Akasha has achieved consistent double-digit revenue growth each year, growing by more than 35% in FY20/21.  These results are even more impressive when considered against the tough trading conditions resulting from COVID which saw many craft breweries struggle to grow. Akasha had used this period to re-brand and accelerate their growth.

A community of superfans, that’s growing every day 

Akasha has a loyal community that has been brought together by a shared love of great beer. This community comes together not only at Akasha’s Taproom and Beer Garden in five Dock, but across the country through a regular calendar of tap takeovers, product launches, collaborations, plus social media channels followed by over 20k people and growing. 

Looking ahead 

Akasha are looking to increase their brewing capacity to 1.5m litres to meet up with increased demand. With that, they also have plans to increase their venue footprint across NSW and (eventually) interstate.

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