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Australia’s first personal finance app where you can earn money. Connecting businesses to consumers like never before.


Humaniti is now exclusively open for private investments.

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    : Data Analytics Holdings Pty Ltd
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    : Fully-Paid Ordinary Shares

Offer Overview

What is Humaniti?

Humaniti is a free personal finance app where people can earn money. Members (or "Humanitirans") can securely link all their accounts in one place and see a complete financial summary. Alongside insights to help them budget better, Humanitirians can also answer short surveys and polls to earn extra cash every month.

On the back-end, Humaniti generates revenue by connecting companies with accurate and affordable consumer data to help them make market-driven decisions. With the ability to conduct research on the platform, survey results can be seamlessly integrated with high-quality behavioural data to provide marketers with the “holy grail” of consumer insight. All data is de-identified, fully permission-based, privacy compliant, and updated daily.

"This is a fantastic secure tool where it’s possible to track bank balances, superannuation balances loyalty balances and much more with one login. I wasn’t aware anything like this existed and everyone should have access to this one stop shop. I love it."

Kevin - 62 (WA),

Key Achievements to Date

  1. Innovative Tech Venture

    Humaniti has built a next-generation consumer data platform that utilises enterprise-grade technology solutions with best-in-class privacy measures.

  2. Linked To Over 240 Institutions

    The Humaniti platform links to over 240 financial institutions including banks, superannuation funds, share trading platforms and more.

  3. Rapid Membership Growth

    Humaniti already has over 10,000 happy customers, with this number growing every day, supported by Australia’s largest media partners.

  4. Transactions Categorised At Scale

    The platform has already captured and organised over 16 million transactions ($5.6 billion) across more than 2,000 merchants.

  5. Raised $4.981m Over 3 Years

    Investors include Founders, VC Firms, Media Agencies, HNWs, CEOs and Business Owners. This investment opportunity is on the same terms as existing shareholders.

  6. Major Media Partners

    Significant equity investment by ScaleUp Media Fund (News Corp, Network Ten, Nova, Foxtel, REA Group) will drive Humaniti's brand awareness and member acquisition over the next 2 years.

Business Model

Fundamentally, Humaniti is a personal finance app that helps Australians manage their finances and earn rewards. However, the core value proposition to businesses is its ability to provide independent, accurate, granular, and affordable information that would help them understand who their consumers are and how they interact with different categories. Through Humaniti clients can:

  • Create customer profiles
  • Interact with a dashboard tool at all levels
  • Turn data into insights
  • Interact directly with consumers
  • Research industry competitors
  • Integrate data sets with their own

Humaniti offers the following products to businesses with a tiered pricing system based on their data needs:

Consumer HD

Provides insights into everyday Australians in a de-identified platform for analytics and research use. Involves factors such as demographics, financial situation, attitudes and more,

Industry HD

Brings together data about the way Australians are interacting with categories. Businesses can understand how they are performing within their industry and dig further into the "whys".

Innovative Technology

For Australian businesses, Humaniti offers an affordable, next-generation data platform that provides user-friendly outputs using independent, accurate, granular, behavioural consumer data, which is updated daily, and can be seamlessly connected with research data.

In their commitment to protecting member privacy, Humaniti has partnered with external security experts and employed the latest SSL encryption technology and firewalls. To ensure full compliance with the Australian Privacy Act, Humaniti also de-identifies all data, does not store login details, and will never sell or market anything to its members.

"Humaniti opens up new possibilities in understanding our customers and competitors. It gives us real data in real time and the ability to engage with different segments when we want."

Chief Marketing Officer - Utility,

A Belief that Everyone must Benefit

Humaniti was founded in Australia by a team of experts who have a firm belief that “everyone must benefit”.

Members benefit by receiving free tools and a dashboard to help manage their financial wellbeing. They also earn real money when they engage in surveys.

Companies benefit by having access to a far more accurate and cost-effective microcosm of Australia – how people behave and what they think.

The broader world benefits whenever members earn money doing surveys, as Humaniti has made a pledge to donate an additional 10% of that amount to charity. In the past year, Humaniti has been focussed on those affected by drought, bushfire disaster relief, and Leukodystrophy Australia.

Also, every time someone responds to a one-question poll, Humaniti purifies 4 litres of drinking water through UNICEF. They have already purified over 1,000,000 litres!

Business strategy

Humaniti's core growth strategy is fuelled by a number of factors.

Partnership Strategy

Humaniti is utilising a number of go-to-market partners to drive awareness and customer acquisition, in addition to delivering projects and driving new revenue streams. Humaniti is already engaging with key players in consulting, analytics, research, and a number of ASX200 companies and government agencies.

The company has also established a number of key media partnerships including substantial investment from Scale Up Media Fund opening avenues of exposure through REA Group, Nova, Foxtel, Ten and News Corp. The company has also partnered with Seven West Media to further generate leads.


Humaniti's significant investment in robust core technology infrastructure means that it can leverage multiple revenue opportunities and appeal to various demographics. The next step in the strategy is to launch a separate sub-brand allowing larger cohorts of Australians, who are less interested in financial services, to complete surveys for money. This is underway.

Domestic & International Expansion

Humaniti aims to rapidly accelerate its local customer acquisition before targeting opportunities abroad. Humaniti's in-house technological capabilities allow the company to be well-positioned, should it decide to rapidly scale and iterate its offerings in international markets.

Market overview


Humaniti is addressing a $1.1 billion local opportunity in the data-as-a-service industry, which is valued at $30 billion globally and growing 30% annually.

The company's insights are well-poised to power three sectors in the Australian market that collectively have an annual revenue over $9 billion and spend approximately $1.2 billion on data assets. These sectors, comprising of management consulting, market research, and data analytics, benefit by integrating Humaniti into their business. Humaniti can derive new revenue opportunities for itself and these businesses.

Key Competitors

Currently, there are no other organisations in the consumer data market that provide the same offering as Humaniti. Although there are a number of personal finance platforms and online research panels, none of them seamlessly combine transactional data insights with survey data and can be purely used for research purposes.

Key Team Members

Ben Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Ben has worked in the research and consulting industry for over 25 years, and has been responsible for building and managing research agencies, online panels and data offerings. Ben has led a variety of businesses across Australia and New Zealand, and was most recently the CEO of the Data Investment Management group of companies at WPP AUNZ.

Sam Almutair

Chief Operating Officer

20 years in the research and consulting space. Most recently the Head of Kantar Millward Brown in Australia. Sam has overseen Online Panel businesses and led major client partnerships across a broad range of industries both in Australia and the UK.

Jack O'Mahony

Head of Data

Jack has over 12 years’ experience in the data and analytics space. He was a founder of the Qantas data driven marketing and personalisation agency Red Planet. Most recently he was the technical lead on the privacy and GDPR programme across Qantas.

Christian Payne

Chief Technology Officer

Christian has 20+ years technology sector experience, specialising in the banking and financial services segment. Prior to joining Humaniti, Christian held senior technology roles at Fintech start-ups, Moneysoft and FinCoach.

Richard Frawley

Chief Financial Officer

Richard is an experienced CFO with over 25 years of experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, primarily in the research and consulting industries. He is a qualified management accountant and was most recently Finance Director for the WPP owned Kantar group across ANZ.

Toby Jattke

Panel Manager

Toby is responsible for the management of the Humaniti community. Toby has nearly ten years of experience as a Systems Manager, Information Manager and Panel Manager for large corporates. Most recently he was the Operations Manager for Research Profile, a WPP online panel business.

Key Financial Information

For more information please see section 2.11 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

For more information please see section 3.2 of the Offer Document.

Key Risks Facing the Business

For more information please see section 2.13 of the Offer Document.

Regulatory Risk

Humaniti operates a technology company with involvement in the areas of consumer finance and data collection. These highly regulated areas could at any time face significant shifts that may impact the company’s business model, data storage practices and disclosure requirements.

Technology Risk

Humaniti has internally developed and wholly owns its technology. If a competitor were to create a superior offering, or the technology itself were to face significant difficulties, the company’s operations would be impacted.

Partnership Risk

The company has established a number of key partnerships relating to its growth and operations. Should these partnerships fail to eventuate or provide their desired value, the company will suffer as a result.

Personnel Risk

Humaniti relies on several key team members to operate and grow the business. If any of these individuals were to leave the firm, failure to find appropriate replacements may harm the company’s performance.

Competition Risk

Humaniti operates in an uncontested niche in the market. If indirect competitors were to replicate its offering and become direct competitors, this may undermine the company’s market share.

Execution Risk

With the technology built and in place, Humaniti must next execute on its user acquisition and growth plans. Failure to implement these measures effectively may result in stagnant growth.

Reputation Risk

Humaniti’s position as a budgeting tool and data aggregator exposes it to reputation risks on both ends of its business model. Data breaches or negative consumer outcomes would harm its reputation, while poor provision of meaningful data insights will also undermine its position.

Marketing Risk

As a consumer and business facing company, Humaniti must carefully and effectively manage multiple marketing channels and communications. Failure to do so may undermine other areas of the business and damage performance.

Why equity crowdfunding?

Humaniti is designed to help all Australians, no matter their stage in life. Our success is built around our members using Humaniti to take control of their finances, and being rewarded properly when they share their opinion.  It is a natural extension to give our members and the wider community an opportunity to own part of our success and share in the rewards as we grow. 

Humaniti has clear plans for international expansion and our platform enables us to scale quickly when we are ready. Australia is just the first important stage of our journey.

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