The Importance of Momentum in Crowdfunding 


Executing a successful crowdfunding campaign is a gradual, deliberate and all-consuming process.  Your audience will be swayed by appealing calls-to-action and your pitch video, but campaigns are usually a long-game. For this reason, maintaining momentum throughout is essential.  Entrepreneurs and more established businesses alike can struggle to grip investors’ interests during the pre-campaign stage and following campaign launch, and it can tire the most advanced of investors and businesses. Likewise, the strategies to pursue during these different phases are entirely different. Today, Equitise looks at how you can keep momentum going throughout the length of your crowdfunding campaign. (more…)

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How to Create a Perfect Crowdfunding Video


While developing your crowdfunding campaign, it’s easy to assume the rest of the world is as intimately familiar with the project as you are. After all, crowdfunding projects are passion projects, and many fail to realize that they have to convey this passion to would-be investors.  The crowdfunding video is an essential part of this.  They should not be underestimated either – Digital Media surveyed 7000 Kickstarter projects, finding that those with videos had an 85% higher chance of achieving their funding goal.  Kickstarter too agrees that videos increase the rate of a pitch’s success.  Therefore, you need to consider how to maximize the appeal of your video, and Equitise’s below tips are sure to help. (more…)

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CB Insights and PwC MoneyTree Report


Of all the studies and reports outlining developments and setbacks from the startup sphere, the CB Insights and PwC MoneyTree Report is among the best.  They have recently released the report for 2016, which contains helpful insights into investment figures for US-based startups, indicating the trajectory away from VC-backed investment over the course of the past 12 months. The patterns for VC-backed funding in 2016 were strikingly different to the preceding year, and speak to the economically volatile state of the economy.  Read on for the Equitise summary of the 2016 Report. (more…)

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What type of investor are you? 


Before making investment decisions, it’s important for investors to self-assess, and employ the same level of scrutiny and reflections for themselves as for their chosen investment vehicle.  Just like the companies seeking your investment, so too should you consider your investment goals, strategies and long-term prospects.  Similar to your investment targets, the more informed and aware of the market you are, the more likely your investment prospects are to succeed. Today, Equitise has compiled the different investor terms to allow you to consider – what type of investor are you? (more…)

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How to spot a profit opportunity


Whether you’re targeting a newborn startup or looking to invest through a network of private investors, knowing how to spot the next profit opportunity is a key consideration for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Amid the sea of possibility in the startup sphere, the number of possible avenues can at times be overwhelming – and how do you decide which ones have the best chance of success?  Of all the companies pitching their prospectuses to a liquid body of investors, the latter need tools to allow them to assess, a set of criteria. Even experienced investors understand this is a complicated task. We have narrowed it down to the main criteria which can help you spot a profit opportunity.  These may be your tools for uncovering the next big thing. (more…)

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How good are returns from equity crowdfunding?


Equity crowdfunding, as a disruptive alternative to traditional investment, has had to defend its viability as an industry since the outset. Investment in startup companies is typically risky territory – this notion, combined with the initial skepticism surrounding the nascent rise of equity crowdfunding, depicted an industry that supposedly only catered to the risk-embracing investor. However, since its inception, there has amassed sufficient research to assess the liquidity of the equity crowdfunding domain, and to address the question on the lips of financial commentators and investors alike – just how good are the returns from equity crowdfunding? (more…)

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What lies ahead for Equity Crowdfunding in 2017?


2016 has been an unpredictable year in many respects, with the worlds of politics, finance and media colliding in unforeseen ways.  As alternative finance continues to offer a democratic and transparent option to existing investment vehicles, the equity crowdfunding industry has expanded more than ever. The World Bank has estimated that the global equity crowdfunding sector will be worth more than $93 billion by 2020. With this in mind, Equitise assesses the outlook for global equity crowdfunding market trends in 2017. (more…)

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2016 – the year in equity crowdfunding

2016 – the year in equity crowdfunding

What a difference a year makes.  The year was full with incredible headlines across the spectrum of politics and international affairs – and the equity crowdfunding industry was no exception. From dramatic shakeups by established companies to surprising decisions from government regulators, 2016 has been a dynamic year for the sector. Below, we take a look at the most significant events from 2016 on the equity crowdfunding industry, both at home and abroad. (more…)

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Tech singularity post – digitised platforms

Tech singularity post – digitised platforms

In recent history, we have seen an advent of digitised technologies, shedding light on a different means of providing traditional services. The most distinguished examples of this movement have meant that the world’s largest taxi company owns no cars and the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. This was a dominant theme throughout the Singularity University conference held in Christchurch last month, indicating that these profound industry changes are likely to continue into the future. This blog will briefly describe how we can apply some of the learnings from the SingularityU conference to the capital raising process and where equity crowdfunding fits into this paradigm shift. (more…)

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The Due Diligence Process in a Crowdfunding raise


The international expansion and increased successes of the equity crowdfunding have owed, in part, to its removal of traditional barriers to investment. By allowing companies to more easily source investors, and by democratising investment for new investor types, it has become an appealing fund-sourcing alternative. The issue of due diligence is still at the front of many investors’ minds, however. Who conducts the DD in an equity crowdfunding raise? How am I protected? Should I stay away from raises and leave them to more experienced VCs if I am unable to conduct my own DD? The answers are not what many expect, and this due diligence is misunderstood by both retail investors and their more experienced counterparts. (more…)

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Valuation – Valuing Early Stage Companies


The question of startup valuation is at the forefront of both investors and business owners’ minds, and can be a difficult and imperfect science. Revenue projections are difficult to obtain, and without precise tools by which to measure them, it’s difficult to furnish a stable financial forecast.  Valuing early stage companies, however, is such a common task for many that there are more foundations on which to base an accurate forecast, without the obvious distraction of personal bias playing too large a role in the calculation. (more…)

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Equitise and Australasia’s first SingularityU conference


Uesi Unasa, Equitise’s Investment Associate, attended Australasia’s inaugural Singularity University Conference held at the Hornscastle Arena in Christchurch from the 14th -16th of November. This was part of Equitise’s on-going initiative to be involved in providing market-leading technology to our companies and investors. The Singularity University summit is a gathering of some of the world’s leading minds to speak on the exponential innovations occurring in the technology industry and the impact that it will have on the future of New Zealand and Australia. The speakers were wide-ranging, from ground-breaking technologists in the field of self-driving cars and digital biology to speakers operating in traditional fields such as education. Key members from the field of Policy and Government also spoke about the implications that these advancements would have on New Zealand’s regulatory environment in a world utilising Artificial Intelligence. (more…)

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Private Placements and IPOs: Equitise’s model

Private Placements and IPOs: Equitise’s new model - Equitise

Equity crowdfunding is evolving. Having first established itself as the model through which new investor types could participate, it has since extended to fund various modes of investment. Equitise has led this expansion with its syndicated investment platform, and its funding of the DongFang IPO last year, one of the world’s first crowdfunded IPOs. We are evolving further, excitingly, with the inclusion of a private placement deal room as a new aspect to our platform. Today, we assess the differences between IPOs and private placement deals, and why the inclusion of these two new investment types is a pioneering move. (more…)

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Update: New ASX Listing Rules

Regulatory Update: New ASX Listing Rules - Equitise

The ASX recently released revised rule changes that will take effect from 19 December 2016. The key listing admission rule changes are: Market cap: minimum increased from $10 million to $15 million Free float: a minimum of 20% market capitalisation must be free float Spread: at least 300 security holders each holding at least $2,000 of securities The following admission rules relate to the business: (more…)

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Understanding Growth Investing

Growth Investing - Equitise - Equity Crowdfunding

The online sphere has examined at length the impacts of equity crowdfunding on the financial industry and startup economies. It’s equally important to consider the effects it has had on investors, and opening up new avenues of investment to an array of types.  Undoubtedly, equity crowdfunding by its very nature proposes a new dawn for growth investing, and a reassessment of the companies and investors who are attracted by this investment type. Today, Equitise delves into growth investments, how it compares to value investing, and why equity crowdfunding ushers in a new era for this strand of business investment. (more…)

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