The smart way to fund your business

Raise money faster. With dedicated support, a world-class team and a large investor community, Equitise is your funding partner to take you to the next stage, whatever stage you're at.


Raise the capital you need

From seed to IPO, access one of Australia’s largest investor communities, while engaging your network to build a tribe of passionate investors.

Seed, Series A, B, C - we do it all

Whether you’re taking outside investment for the first time or raising a growth equity round, Equitise can help. We invest in Pre-Seed rounds as small as $500K.

Raise from the crowd

Equitise has a dynamic community of over 20,000 investors. Our companies can raise not only from crowd investors, but also from tech angels, VCs, and family offices.

Investing in your success

Our experienced team supports you through the entire journey, from campaign creation to promotion and documentation. Your dedicated investment associate will help you through the process and provide the tools you need for a successful campaign.

A look at the fundraising journey

1. Submit a campaign

Follow our simple and efficient online process to create an engaging, exciting and standout campaign. We will then verify that every statement in the campaign is fair, clear and not misleading.

2. Create a video and marketing plan

The campaign video is one of the most important tools to engage the crowd by showcasing the business. At the same time, prepare a marketing plan for warming up investors at this stage. Our marketing and PR toolkits are great starting points.

3. Private launch

Shareholders, customers and your network have the exclusive opportunity to invest before anyone else when the campaign launches privately.

4. Public launch

If the campaign demonstrates traction during the private launch, we'll publish it for all to see on Equitise. Campaigns run for up to 60 days. Once public, it's important that you get as many potential investors to see the campaign.

5. Campaign hits 100%

After hitting your target, your campaign can stay open to take advantage of overfunding. After closing a round, we perform legal due diligence on the company and prepare documentation.

6. Receive all funds!

Once that's all completed we'll transfer the amount raised in the fundraising campaign, less our fee. Then you become a member of our Alumni Club.

Raise funds at the most competitive price

We have a transparent fee structure. There are no hidden, ongoing costs to you, which makes us the most competitive platform to raise funds.

Up to


of total funds raised *

  • check-iconNo hidden fees
  • check-iconCompetitive pricing
  • check-icon100% transparency

Equitise invest a significant amount of time into assisting with the planning and preparation of your capital raise and the marketing activities of your offer. We do this to ensure the best chance of success for your crowdfund. As such, Equitise may elect to charge a fee for onboarding of between $5,000 - $10,000. This will be discussed on a case by case basis with issuers.

* this will depend on the size of your capital raise