Australian Made & Owned Urban AgTech Solution to Grow Your Own at Home

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Increasingly people aspire to grow their own food at home, Urbotanica is focused on helping overcome the challenges they face

Urbotanica is targeting the disruption of the $210bn global Urban Ag market with consumer enabling technology (AgTech). The company is builidng a community of conscientious consumers to grow fresh produce in their urban environment. Their launch product - the UrbiPod, a clever indoor grower - has achieved 100% year on year sales growth.

The company is raising capital to scale up and meet current demand for UrbiPods, drive market penetration, invest in new technology and expand into the Asian market where middle class consumers value quality Australian made products. Urbotanica wants their customers and followers to join it on the journey as it works towards creating more sustainable ways to live and eat.

With the global population set to rise to roughly 10 billion people in the next 30 years with more than 50% living in urban cities, we currently have no sustainable way of feeding a population of that size. Without drastic technological improvements and change of consumer behavior, there will be a 30% shortfall in food production by 2050.* AgTech is the science that will help answer this problem as it's the process of developing new technology to grow more with less.

Urban AgTech is about providing access to this technology, which will allow people to grow their own at home. Investors around the world are noticing the issues we face and therefore the potential opportunity. 2018 was another record breaking year for AgriFood Tech investments with $16.9 billion of funding.^

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In 2050 the population is expected to reach 10 billion.

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In 2018 AgriFood Tech investments hit $16.9B

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Australians throw out $8 billion of useable food each year

The successful launch of the UrbiPod has proven customer demand with annual sales up 100% totalling $350,000 to date, creating a community of highly engaged customers & fans.

Urbotanicas new mobile App gives an enhanced customer experience, more growing and harvesting information at their fingertips and supports the new subscription model roll out. Click on the offer to learn more

* Food and Agriculture Organisations of the UN


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Please consider the general risk warning and Offer Information Statement before investing.

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