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Pre-IPO Wholesale Capital Raise

The offer of Douugh Holdings Ltd is restricted to Sophisticated and Wholesale investors.

Douugh is changing your relationship with money for the better.

What is Douugh?

Douugh is a disruptive fintech company, on a mission to democratise banking globally. They’re building a banking platform designed to help you live financially healthier and happier, powered by Sophie - a super smart AI personal financial assistant.

Imagine a bank account that takes the stress out of managing your money and helps you reach your goals faster - helping you pay off debt, spend less, save and build wealth. Where you’ll get real-time insights and guidance from a personal financial assistant, to develop good habits and make better decisions around your money. It sounds super smart, right?

Douugh is this smart bank account, and they’re building it.

Initially launching in the U.S and then Australia later next year, the Douugh bank account offers full banking functionality, including a shiny Douugh Mastercard debit card. You’ll be able to send and request money, split bills, create savings Jars, and connect all your existing accounts - so Sophie can collate, organise and inform you about your spending habits.

Sophie is a coach, mentor and assistant in one. She learns how you spend to make sense of where you're at, compared to where you want to be. All delivered through a seamless, intuitive, and beautifully hand-crafted smart banking app.

Douugh’s partnership with Mastercard

To support our vision, we’ve formed a strategic innovation partnership with Mastercard.

Douugh plans to list on the ASX in 2019

We have signed an agreement for a fully underwritten IPO in 2019. This will be post the closing of this offer and subject to receiving the necessary approvals and market conditions.

What’s next for Douugh?

Douugh wants to become the financial control centre where people’s finances are managed on autopilot. Short-term, they will expand their AI capabilities and offering into Wealth Management and Credit. Long-term, they will look to foster an ecosystem of partners within their own Marketplace.

Why are we doing a pre-IPO funding round

The company is giving investors the chance to get in early and own a piece of the company. Funds will be used to cover the costs relating to launching into the U.S market and the compliance costs relating to the planned IPO.

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The offer of Douugh Holdings Ltd is restricted to Sophisticated and Wholesale investors.