How money should be

Another chance to get in on the bank job with Australia’s newest ‘neobank’ - independent, 100% digital, made for mobile, designed for people.

It's live….own a piece of Xinja now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.


It’s on….your (2nd) chance to own a piece of Xinja

Following on from Australia’s first & most successful equity crowdfund we’re delighted to say we’re going again and offering our early customers & supporters the opportunity to invest & share in Xinja’s future success. We were overwhelmed with the response to our first equity crowdfund, and with the help of those over 1,200 investors, we’ve come a long way.

Building a bank with our customers and in their interests

Xinja’s purpose is simple: to help our customers make more out of their money. We believe it’s time Australians had access to the kind of technology and approach that completely reimagines banking, so we are working towards…...

  • Working for you: Always know where you are with your money, track your spend, stash for specific things, pay less interest or earn more, never miss a bill. All on your phone and even when you’re asleep.
  • Easy as….& fun (why not?!): Set up your account in seconds with zero paperwork. Friendly fast support with in app chat. Dull tasks turned into rewarding games. Better, faster money decisions without the angst.
  • A win win: 100% digital + latest technology = low costs for us & competitive rates & low or no fees for you. Plus we design our products to help you get ahead – if you do well, so do we.

The story so far...

  • Launched our app and prepaid card
  • Seen our card (which is a great travel card) used in 71 countries
  • Added features to the app like ‘Xinja me’ or split bill, track daily spend and the iOS widget
  • Been granted an Australian Credit Licence (to allow us to sell home loans)
  • Launched home loans to friends and family
  • Stood up a state of the art core banking system in the cloud in record time with our partners SAP
  • Grown Xinja sign ups to over 22,000
  • Generated our first revenue
  • Launched the Android version of our app
  • Been granted our restricted banking licence!

We are looking forward to the road ahead…..

  • Getting a full banking licence (subject to regulatory approvals)
  • Launching bank accounts: transactions & savings!
  • Rolling out home loans across 2019
  • Building a marketplace to add more value to our customers by integrating with other fintechs (and well beyond) in a couple of years
  • Building our offering with ongoing input from our customers and ever increasing data smarts (AI) to help them optimise their finances & develop good financial habits that deliver for them in the long term

It's live….own a piece of Xinja now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.

XINJA™ (Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054) is authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to operate under a Restricted Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (RADI) licence until 16th December 2020. Under this licence we are not required to meet the full ADI prudential framework. We will only offer bank accounts to the general public when we become a full ADI. You can still apply for other Xinja products. More information about Xinja’s RADI licence is available at