The Equitise Team

Australian team

Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert Co-founder and Director LinkedIn profile

Chris has a professional background in investment banking and management consulting. This, combined with his determination to improve the accessibility of capital for New Zealand and Australian startups and small and medium sized businesses, inspired his decision to found Equitise.

Jonny Wilkinson
Jonny Wilkinson Co-founder and Director LinkedIn profile

Jonny has extensive experience in equity markets and marketing. With a personal investment philosophy focused on high growth companies, his enthusiasm for business and innovation has driven him to create a platform that allows Australian and New Zealand businesses to access the capital they need to grow.

Panche Gjorgjevski
Panche Gjorgjevski Co-founder and CTO LinkedIn profile

Panche has eight years of professional experience building complex websites and platforms for global companies. He is a digital enthusiast that brings innovative ideas to the table and loves working in teams to create amazing solutions.

Blake Young
Blake Young Head of Syndicates LinkedIn profile

Blake has a background in leveraged finance and project finance, as well as private equity and venture capital. In his role at Equitise, Blake leverages his knowledge of private investing to drive deeper collaboration between investors and experienced investment professionals. Blake is passionate about the disruptive impact of innovative technology in the financial sector.

Goce Shutinoski
Goce Shutinoski Team lead / PHP developer LinkedIn profile

Using his 7 years of experience he became known as a man who has been repeatedly recognized for developing an innovative solution to a problem. He enjoys working on projects outside his comfort and knowledge set. He is motivated developer with the enthusiasm to accept new challenges. Working with these guys gets to motivate him.

Natasha Kostovska
Natasha Kostovska PHP developer LinkedIn profile

Natasha works as a web developer and she is taking part in the development team that is working on the Equitise platform. Natasha's best working experience is with PHP and Laravel where she uses every opportunity to learn and apply new techniques and technologies in her working.

Jove Trajkoski
Jove Trajkoski PHP developer LinkedIn profile

Jove is a back-end developer who has spent the last two years as part of the Equitise team. As a motivated and energetic PHP developer, he takes initiative, enjoys finding solutions to every challenge, is detail-oriented, and takes extreme pride in his work. His passion for coding and fast-learning are the basis upon which he has built a strong reputation among his teammates and the clients.

Dijana Najdovska
Dijana Najdovska PHP developer LinkedIn profile

Dijana works on development of the Equitise platform. She is passionate driven backend developer, always trying to translate complex ideas into code. As a team player, Dijana has been working on a couple of international projects always approaching innovation and new technologies with great enthusiasm.

Bojan Drangovski
Bojan Drangovski Lead designer / Frontend developer LinkedIn profile

After nearly two years of experience strictly in Print design, Bojan started to work in the domain of Web design and Frontend development for four years now. Bojan posses a great passion for the latest tech trends, digital customer services and art, and all these years, he is giving his best to combine them into singular symbiosis, manifested as visual web solutions.

New Zealand team & Advisors

Will Mahon-Heap
Will Mahon-Heap Co-founder and NZ Manager LinkedIn profile

Will is an ex-corporate lawyer specialising in securities, M&A, and digital privacy. He is passionate about crowdfunding, and has followed it before its regulatory inception. Will's passion for this regulatory change lead to founding the Equitise business model. Will is an alternative finance follower, big data reader and internet of things watcher.

Uesi Unasa
Uesi Unasa Investment Associate LinkedIn profile

Leveraging an Accounting and Finance educational background, Uesi has spent several years working in investment banking and most recently in management consulting. Uesi is passionate about democratising the investment opportunities available to the public, made possible by equity crowdfunding.

Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes Investor in Equitise, New Zealand Advisory Board LinkedIn profile

Andrew has a track record of market-changing innovations and the digitising of various industries. After identifying the opportunity for the evolution of real estate in Australia through guiding to its IPO on the ASX Andrew has now triggered a revolution of the entire New Zealand fiduciary services and legal services industries through founding Perpetual Guardian, which formed through the coming together of Perpetual Trust and Guardian Trust.

Lachlan Sloan
Lachlan Sloan Investor in Equitise, New Zealand Advisory Board LinkedIn profile

Lachlan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in Asia where he spent 15 years between Hong Kong and Singapore before returning to New Zealand. His background is a mixture of technology, professional services, human resources and real estate. He is an investor with the Flying Kiwi Angels and Ice Angels and an active startup business mentor. Lachlan currently has investments in technology, shared spaces, hospitality, human resources and financial services.

Rudi Bublitz
Rudi Bublitz Investor in Equitise, New Zealand Advisory Board LinkedIn profile

Rudi is helping NZ startups with his free weekly advice sessions at www.ADI.Clinic and with funding from the Flying Kiwi Angels group which he cofounded in 2013. His startup experience goes back to 1991 as cofounder of one of the fastest growing private companies in the UK from 1996 to 1999, when the business of 400 SAP consultants was acquired by a FT100 company. Rudi has invested in numerous NZ startups and acts as investor representative and advisor on the board of several of them.

Board of Directors

Cathy Kovacs
Cathy Kovacs Non Executive Director, investor in Equitise personally LinkedIn profile

Cathy is an experienced and commercially savvy financial services executive of 24 years, who inspires large teams of people and enthusiastically delivers transformative outcomes. Cathy ran BT Financial Group's Equities business for 3 years before moving to Westpac Strategy with a focus on M&A and fintech business development. Cathy is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Toby Heap
Toby Heap Non Executive Director, investor in Equitise through H2 Ventures LinkedIn profile

Toby is the Managing Director of H2 Ventures. Toby has extensive experience investing and advising early stage businesses in fintech, digital publishing, health, artificial intelligence, finance and marketing. Experienced in all aspects of leading start-up companies. Toby is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

David Phillips
David Phillips Investec LinkedIn profile

David is head of Investec's Emerging Companies acts as trusted advisers and sponsors to high growth potential companies, founders / entrepreneurs and supporting shareholders. We partner with clients who can significantly benefit from Investec's suite of capital solutions, connectivity and advisory services.