The Equitise Team

Chris Gilbert Chris Gilbert Co-founder and Director

Chris has a professional background in corporate finance and management consulting at Deloitte and kicked off his startup career by heading upthe operational department of a tech startup called The Search Party.
Determined to improve access to capital for startups and medium sized enterprises in Australia, he later co-founded Equitise in 2014. Chris is considered a thought leader in the startup investment space, frequently appearing in the AFR and Sky Business News.
When not thinking of new ways to grow the Equitise business Chris likes to keep fit, relax at the beach, travel and try out hip new bars around Sydney.

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Jonny Wilkinson Jonny Wilkinson Co-founder and Director

Jonny has extensive experience in equity markets and marketing with a personal investment philosophy focused on high growth companies. His passion for innovation drove him to co-found Equitise as a platform where Australian and New Zealand businesses could access the capital they need to grow.
He is an advisor to the Australian Treasurer on Fintech and was central to the legislative changes in the Equity Crowdfunding market in Australia.
In his spare time he enjoys playing Hockey for Sydney Uni, watersports and being at the beach along with sharing good food and wine with friends & family.

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Erez Rachamim Erez Rachamim Head of Fundraising

Erez is the Head of Fundraising. He manages all the due diligence and onboarding processes for the capital raises. This includes business development and client management as well as technical due diligence functions and project management.
His background is prominently in Venture Capital and Private Equity where he has invested in several SME enterprises and maintained hands on involvement to help them grow.
What Erez loves about Equitise is our role as enablers, helping fuel the growth of a host of enterprises and giving entrepreneurs the chance to pursue their passions.
When he is not conducting due diligence on new ventures or managing the various ongoing capital raises, Erez plays football, is an avid yogi and is involved with various charity committees.

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Arthur Acker Arthur Acker Head of Growth & Operations

Arthur has a professional background in equity markets and wealth management at Credit Suisse and ANZ. He joined Equitise to work on the fundraising part of the business, helping SME enterprises raise capital and fuel their growth. This includes business development and client management as well as technical due diligence functions and project management.
What Arthur loves about Equitise is the opportunity to help innovative and promising businesses to finance their growth and reach their full potential.
When not helping businesses raise capital, Arthur likes to look for new restaurants, travel and relax with friends at the beach.

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Sophie Moss Sophie Moss Head of Marketing

With seven years of experience in marketing and advertising across several industries and companies like Wieden+Kennedy, Sophie is the Head of Marketing.
She uses customer data and insights to create targeted communications to current and potential investors and is driven to create a strong brand identity for Equitise. Sophie also works closely with each client to increase their brand awareness, helping to foster new customers and investors. She's passionate about creativity and telling the story of every early stage company.
What she loves most about Equitise is the breadth of the role and working with different companies in different industries. In her free time, she loves Yoga and trying new places to eat in Sydney.

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Jake George Jake George Digital Marketing Manager

As Digital Marketing Manager, Jake has a passion for developing data-driven strategies that align commercial objectives with digital activity.
With a over 8 years experience in all things digital, Jake brings a wealth of marketing insight and know-how to the Equitise team.
"Seeing defined KPI's and outcomes acheived as a direct result of the activity i've executed is a great feeling! Being able to test, measure and learn from your work helps you to continuoulsy improve, which is not only a good thing for Equitise, but also for our clients."
When not in the office, you'll find Jake either scubadiving with sharks in the summer or skiing snowy peaks in the winter.

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Cathy Kovacs Cathy Kovacs Non Executive Director, investor in Equitise personally

Cathy is an experienced and commercially savvy financial services executive of 24 years, who inspires large teams of people and enthusiastically delivers transformative outcomes. Cathy ran BT Financial Group's Equities business for 3 years before moving to Westpac Strategy with a focus on M&A and fintech business development. Cathy is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Toby Heap Toby Heap Non Executive Director, investor in Equitise through H2 Ventures

Toby is the Managing Director of H2 Ventures. Toby has extensive experience investing and advising early stage businesses in fintech, digital publishing, health, artificial intelligence, finance and marketing. Experienced in all aspects of leading start-up companies. Toby is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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