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Simplifying the world's access to clean energy

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Simplifying the world's access to clean energy

Sky Energy

We started as a team of technicians who, through in-field experience, saw a glaring opportunity in the renewable energy market. We answered the call to simplify clean energy.

We created the SkyBox: a cost-efficient, easy-to-install, transportable energy product that permits homes and large scale commercial projects to abandon reliance on the electric grid and diesel generators in favour of renewable resources.

It took off; sales are now at over $800,000 monthly and growing rapidly. We've already helped thousands of Aussies get freedom from the grid, from typical family homes to major Aussie construction and infrastructure projects.

    The SkyBox - Our Game Changing Technology

    SkyBox is a scalable lithium battery management system that solves the biggest barriers to the uptake of renewable solutions. 

    Competing solutions are 

    • Difficult to install
    • Require complex programming, and; 
    • Offer limited technical support

    Compared to existing solutions, SkyBox is 90% faster to install, is pre-programmed (so any electrician can install it), and the designers and builders of the SkyBox serve as technical support team based in our Melbourne offices.

    This simplification saves install costs, gives more people access to affordable clean energy and drives savings through access to cheaper, green power. 

    In commercial industries the SkyBox saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in diesel generator fuelling and maintenance all while going green.

    We're here to make the global green revolution a win/win.

    Investment Highlights

    1. A rapidly growing market

      Globally, the renewable market is estimated to exceed 3.5 trillion by 2030. In Australia, the Government has pledged to cut emissions by 43% by 2030 and has recently (July 1st) introduced a new carbon scheme, requiring industries to offset their emissions.

      This industry and governmental pressure creates an enormous opportunity to grow our company while saving Aussie businesses money.

       In the commercial construction space, our technology has proven to be more cost-effective than the current environmentally harmful status quo. This financial benefit provides a strong incentive that will support the adoption of our technology across the sector.

    2. Excess demand for our product

      In FY23 we generated $8m in revenue and have installed over 260 SkyBox systems across Australia.  The demand for our product has grown exponentially across all channels over the last 12 months and we are now generating over $800k in monthly revenue.  

      We are quickly outgrowing our current facilities, which limits our production capacity and the revenue we can generate. We are raising capital to increase our production capacity and continue to invest in game-changing technology development.

    3. Capitalising on the opportunity in the commercial sector

      The most significant opportunity lies in powering the construction sector. The SkyBox has completely taken large construction projects off-grid and saved these companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

      SkyBox is a crucial step in the future of renewables in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and construction. These sectors spend millions annually fueling diesel generators for power, which is both environmentally harmful and expensive.

      We've already helped complete multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects powered by clean energy for VicRoads in partnership with MRPV Major Roads Projects Victoria and international construction companies like MACA, BMD, and DECMIL. 

    Why now?

    As the domestic take-up of the SkyBox technology accelerates, we are continuing with our investment into R&D to commercialise additional, game-changing technologies to support the adoption of clean, renewable energy, with a new range of products scheduled for release in late 2023.

    We began in 2019 and have become one of Australia's most highly-rated renewable energy companies. Thanks to a phenomenal team. Our vision is that this established team helps us accelerate our sales expansion around Australia. We are seeking investment to help us move into new facilities in 2024, increasing our output capacity to help us keep up with the growing demand.

    This is the first time we have opened the doors to external investors, and we are excited by the opportunity to build a  go-to global brand within the enduring, renewable-tech sector amongst passionate and like-minded investors.