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The Menopause Collection - a natural alternative to HRT
Created For Women By Women

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The Menopause Collection - a natural alternative to HRT
Created For Women By Women

Nature's Help

Nature's Help is a leading Queensland-based FemTech business that specialises in all-natural, evidence-based nutraceutical supplements for women's health and well-being made here in Australia.

    Company Overview

    Crowdfunding Australia

    Founded by Kirsty Strowger in 2012, Nature’s Help operates across two distinct eCommerce stores: Turmeric Australia and Nature’s Help. 

    The product range stretches across three key areas:

    Turmeric Supplements - for joint pain and inflammation reduction

    Female Health Supplements - including hormone health, gut health, skin and immune health

    The Menopause Collection – for perimenopause, menopause and post menopause

    Launched in 2014, Nature's Help's Turmeric line is now Australia's leading brand of online Turmeric supplements. With a strong history of profitability, stability, and consistent growth, the Turmeric Australia store serves as the cornerstone of the company's success to date.

    The Nature's Help Menopause Collection features an evidence-based range of seven all-natural supplements, catering to the needs of women experiencing peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms in Australia.

    The Nature's Help brand now offers an impressive selection of 22 all-natural products that cater to women's diverse needs throughout their lives, from menstruation to menopause and beyond.

    The Menopause Collection differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive range of evidence-based, TGA-listed products tailored to address individual menopause symptoms. Unlike other brands that offer generic solutions, Nature's Help understands the unique challenges women face during this transitional phase. By providing targeted relief for a range of symptoms, women are empowered to manage their symptoms according to their preferences and needs. 

    A study published in the Journal for Nutraceuticals confirms the positive effects of natural evidence-based supplements on relieving symptoms like hot flushes, sweating, depression, and sleep issues. This has contributed to the rapid growth of the dietary supplements segment for menopausal symptoms, which is expected to be one of the US $1.5 trillion wellness industry's fastest-growing categories, reaching US $22.7 billion by 2027. Increased investment in research and development, a shift toward natural and herbal products, and innovative product launches by key companies are also driving this growth. The menopause market presents an attractive investment opportunity for Nature's Help.

    Nature's Help has demonstrated consistent profitability and growth over the past decade, establishing a solid foundation for further expansion. The company is actively seeking growth investment to leverage its success by expanding its customer base, diversifying its product range, and entering international markets. With a target market of over 2 million women in Australia alone, and a larger global market, the brand is well-positioned for substantial growth in the next 18 to 24 months.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Unique Selling Point in a Market Primed to Explode

      With increases across the board in the number of articles published, startups founded, deals closed and capital invested, the FemTech space is experiencing a step change in its growth. Nature’s Help’s already market-leading turmeric business, combined with a unique menopause-focused collection, is a meaningful differentiator in a market that is primed for expansion.

    2. Strong Foundation With Exciting Growth Opportunities

      Nature's Help has operated profitably and debt-free for over a decade. Having processed over 300,000 orders in the last 10 years, with sales exceeding $20 million, they boast a market-leading 36% repeat purchase rate. The base that has been built on the Turmeric business affords the company the flexibility to pursue the growth opportunities presented via the Menopause Collection.

    3. Loyal Customer Base Centred Around Community

      Nature’s Help’s motto - "Created by Women, For Women" - reflects a commitment to working closely with their community to develop and launch products that exceed expectations. This commitment to their community has seen their audience swell to over 41,000 people, with hundreds of 5-star reviews and an industry-leading 36% repeat purchase rate.

    4. Proprietary Distribution Channel Supporting D2C Model

      In addition to a strong social media presence across all channels, Nature’s Help also has a podcast: "Menopause - Why didn't I know that?". Their goal is to provide education and awareness to women everywhere about what their bodies go through, and to provide not only a solution via their products, but support and trust along the way.

    5. Highly Experienced Team

      For over a decade, Kirsty Strowger, a prominent entrepreneur in Queensland, has led the exceptional team behind Nature’s Help. This team includes some of Australia’s leading women’s health experts, including Mona Hecke, a renowned Naturopath and author, and seasoned business advisor Mike Allsop.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding?

    Since inception, womens’ health has been at the heart of Nature’s Help’s mission. Their commitment to community is reflected in their efforts to support and engage with their customer base. This commitment is why they have opted to bring their community along for the ride, as they embark on their next stage of growth.

    By investing in Nature’s Help, you are becoming a part owner in a stable and experienced Australian company, at a pivotal point in its journey, with exciting opportunities for growth. Investors will also get access to an exclusive and exciting range of rewards.

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