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GGWP Academy

GGWP is an e-learning platform that enables creators to build their following and start to monetise their content through brand sponsorships on our Influencer Marketplace.

    What is GGWP Academy?

    In 2018, Jacqueline (Jax) Garrett founded GGWP Academy after her 9 year old son competed in three World Championships, made national TV, signed to two top tier esports teams and earned over $15K in brand deals in his first year as a content creator. Throughout this experience, Jax learned just how fragmented this industry was and that education, professionalism and structure were required to substantiate this wildly growing and lucrative space. 

    So in 2020, Jax (joined by co-founders John and Cassie) left their jobs to focus on their full-time mission to create the next evolution of the creator ecosystem. Since launching a few years ago, GGWP has taken off, winning contracts with global brands like Electronic Arts, Logitech, Casio and 2K (just to name a few) to power their businesses. 

    We are now commencing our expansion into the US, and preparations are underway to activate GGWP’s monetisation strategy, including the launch of GGWP’s automated Marketplace.  

    The Problem

    86% of young Americans aged 16-28 want to become some sort of social media influencer. The lack of guidance and structure has led to over 95 million content creators struggling to make it in this industry, while the top 1% earn a majority of the money. This has led to many creators becoming demotivated and leaving the industry. 

    On the flip side, more and more brands are starting to invest into influencer marketing (the Influencer Marketing Industry is predicted to reach $16.4 billion in 2022 alone), but they still come across the following issues: 

    • Difficulties finding the right talent for their campaign
    • Inability to accurately attribute results to their marketing efforts 
    • Difficulty managing multiple influencers 
    • Other tax and payment complexities 

    There’s a huge opportunity to address both sides of the market.

    The Solution

    GGWP’s technology identifies and connects emerging influencers with brands to achieve the best return on investment for marketing campaigns. We focus on micro and macro-influencers who are currently an underserved quadrant of creators in this segment.

    To provide the perfect flywheel for both influencers and brands, our platform focuses on the following features: 

    1. Vetted Training Curriculum 
    2. Built in Creator Mentorship
    3. Proprietary Matchmaking Technology 
    4. Automated Post-Campaign Reporting

    The Future of Content Creation

    • During onboarding, the user connects their social media channels to their profile. They’re able to see their future trajectory as a creator 
    • Automated features match brands with the right influencers by location, following size, engagement rate (for example) 
    • Money is held in escrow until the campaign is over and no digital or paper contracts ever exchange hands
    • Post tracking technology automatically tracks performance and delivers it, in real-time, to a Brand Dashboard  

    Investment Highlights

    1. Proven Traction and Product Market Fit

      Used by over 11,000 creators from all over the world. We’ve created a flywheel that sees 83% of our creators consuming more training in order to get more brand deals, offering low-cost acquisition channels for growth.  

    2. Disruptive Technology That Revolutionises the Influencer Marketing Industry

      Finding the right influencer has been cited as a challenge for 73% of brands. This is followed by attribution. Our matchmaking and reporting engine focuses on identifying the right influencers for each brand and accurately measuring the return on investment for each campaign. 

    3. Boom in Gaming and Micro Influencer Marketing Categories (growing at 20% YoY)

      The Gaming industry has seen a huge increase in creators since the Pandemic hit. The category saw growth of 30% in accounts made between the years of 2020-2021. With more creators entering into the market, the segment of micro-influencers grew to 91% of all content creators in the market and the opportunity to service the 77% of brands who want to work with micro-influencers opened up. 

    4. Backed by leAD Sports Accelerator, Startmate and Austrade

      We’re backed by leAD Sports Accelerator, backed by Adidas' founder Adi Dassler’s family and Startmate, one of Australia’s most successful Accelerator programs. This gives us a massive global reach and network.

    5. Generated $288K Revenue Within 3 Months of Launch

      Whilst developing our proprietary technology, we have also been busy validating the commercial potential of our platform, generating revenue from global brands within just three months. We are now hitting approximately $60,000 in revenue per month.

    6. Used by Over 40 Global Brands (Logitech, Electronic Arts, Casio)

      GGWP is used by over 40 endemic and non-endemic brands from all over the world - with 26% of those brands coming back for seconds.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding?

    Gaming is inherently social. We want to give creators the chance to impact their own future and a reason to help us build a better way for creators to make a living. 

    If you resonate with our mission and or our creators’ stories, become a co-owner and help us build the future of the creator economy. Here’s to Smarter Influence!

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