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The mobile app, marketplace and analytics platform for boating!

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The mobile app, marketplace and analytics platform for boating!


The mobile app, marketplace and analytics platform for boating!

    Company Overview

    Deckee is a mobile app, marketplace and analytics platform for one of the world's most popular leisure activities - boating. Used by over a quarter of a million boaters so far, Deckee helps deliver the best possible boating experience by providing every boater – whether beginner or advanced, with the tools and insights they need to be smarter, safer, and enjoy themselves on the water.

    Over 200 million people around the world are now estimated to go boating every year with their friends and family, and that’s big business. The recreational boating market is a AUD$63 Billion industry, and is forecasted to grow to AUD$87 Billion by 2027.

    Since launching just a few years ago, the Deckee app has really taken off, winning commercial contracts and the endorsement of state governments in NSW, Western Australia, Tasmania, along with the Boating Industry Association of Australia.

    We are now commencing our international expansion into the US, and preparations are underway to activate Deckee’s monetization strategy, including the launch of Deckee’s marketplace spanning insurance, commerce and education, along with our unprecedented B2B data analytics products that help the industry understand how the waterways are being used.

    Investment Highlights

    1.  Australia’s #1 boating app

      Founded and built here in Australia, Deckee has grown to become the leading boating app locally and is now commencing its international expansion into the US.

    2. Used by over 300,000 boaters in 29 countries

      Deckee is used by anglers, sailors, kayakers, pleasure boaters – all types of watercrafts from all walks of life.

    3. Officially endorsed by state government agencies

      Deckee is endorsed and recommended to the boating public by multiple state governments and industry organisations, such as Transport for NSW, Marine Safety Western Australia, Marine and Safety Tasmania, and the Boating Industry Association.

    4. Over 250M+ privacy-approved data points generated

      Deckee’s anonymised and aggregated data unlocks an order of magnitude improvement over current strategies and systems to understand waterway usage. Over half a million new data points are currently generated every day.

    5.  $700K in revenue generated since company inception

      Whilst developing our proprietary technology, we have also been busy validating the commercial potential of our platform, generating revenue from government partnerships, insurance sales and advertising.

    6. Strava Co-Founder on board as Advisor

      Deckee is advised by Mark Gainey, Co-Founder and Chairman of the world's leading fitness activity tracking app with over 100 million members in 195 countries globally.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    We’ve chosen to equity crowdfund because your safety and enjoyment on the water is at the heart of everything we do – it’s our company mission and what drives our team every day. And it is beyond exciting and fitting that the boating community we aim to help with our technology now has the opportunity to share in our commercial success in the future.

    By investing and becoming part of the Deckee crew, you’ll gain equity in Australia’s #1 boating app as we start to expand internationally. Plus you’ll gain access to a whole range of other benefits, like being able to vote on our product roadmap, exclusive merch, and discounts on our upcoming marketplace offering.

    We would love to welcome you “on board” this journey with us. It’s all hands on Deckee!