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Once just a dream of founder Ben Kooyman, Endeavour’s mission is to create beers that focus on Australian ingredients, embracing the incredible flavours that Mother Nature provides each harvest. The result is a range of consistently award-winning flavoursome beers.

More than just a tagline, the philosophy right at the heart of the Endeavour brand is “It’s A Matter Of Taste”. Their brews are balanced, elegant and sessionable with a distinct Australian style, that balances the malt styles of Europe and the hop culture of North America.

Proudly Australian and 100% independent, Endeavour began with the backing of 3 blokes and 35 mates, creating a community of beer lovers, before equity crowdfunding existed.

Established eight years ago and having undergone major re-brand and re-positioning in March 2018, Endeavour has sold in excess of 6.7 million serves and has driven double digit growth year on year since inception.

They’re proud to be available nationwide in over 1100 Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores and iconic bars and restaurants in Sydney including Opera Bar and Tetsuya’s.

With their roots firmly established in Sydney, the home of Endeavour’s first brewery, the Endeavour Tap Rooms opened in 2017. A collaboration between Endeavour Brewing Co and Applejack Hospitality, that brings together the best of seasonal brewing and dining ingredients.

Expanding on their highly successful launch into hospitality, the company hopes to open a new Brew Bar each year and plans to move away from outsourcing the bulk of their beer production, by building their own world-class production brewery. With designs already complete, they’re ready for site identification and build.

Endeavour is looking to be the first Australian beer company to use equity crowdfunding to raise capital to make the first step in expanding on their already proven plans.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding became accessible to all Australian's over the age of 18 in January this year (2018). It's a new way to invest that enables broad groups of investors (‘the crowd’) to fund early stage companies in return for equity. It helps these companies access the capital they require and gives investors a chance to invest in businesses they are passionate about. Retail investors can invest up to $10,000. Sophisticated investors are unlimited in their investment.

If you want to know more about equity crowdfunding, head to the Equitise FAQs page.

How to invest:

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It's live….own a piece of Endeavour now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.