The Entourage: The Inaugural Kiwi Unconvention Kicked Arse!

Kiwi entrepreneurs came out in force for this year’s Unconvention – the largest event for New Zealand and Australian entrepreneurs.

Not only was it a fantastic occasion to hear from a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs and investors, the setting also provided an excellent opportunity to network with likeminded business people. The collective experience in the room made it difficult to not come away with a new insight or connection. Listening to Peter Davison (Paypal investor) and Justine Flynn (Thankyou.) was certainly a highlight of the event. Peter was refreshingly straight-shooting with his advice for early stage entrepreneurs and bootstrapping. Justine shared her experiences with early supply hiccups when founding ‘Thankyou.’, and how social entrepreneurship can make a huge impact worldwide.

It will be interesting to see what surprises the Entourage Unconvention team has for Kiwis this September.

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