Successful Crowdfund Case Study: a Cloud Based Management System to Complement Accounting Systems

Campaign Year: 2016

Campaign Type: NZ - Private

Campaign Duration: 27 days

Amount Invested: N$601,480

Number of investors: 6

Average Investment: N$100,246

% Funded: 120.2%

This cloud-based debtor management system complements accounting systems, including Xero, to provide an easy to use debtor management platform and service to its clients.

The platform technology is research-driven by data scientists and receivables experts to provide clients access to the best analysis tools, reporting and optimisation, speeding client invoices to the front of the payment queue. While the software enables a robust receivables process, the human element integral to maintaining customer relationships is not lost, with humanised email reminders and a dedicated receivables specialist team applying the perfect amount of tact and persuasion to encourage the payment of invoices. 

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