Successful Crowdfund Case Study: Retirement Income Group (RIG)

Campaign Year: 2015

Campaign Type: NZ-Equity Crowdfunding

Campaign Duration: 8 days

Amount Invested: N$455,300

N° of investors: 80

Average Investment: NZ$5,691

% Funded: 182.12%


Campaign Year: 2016

Campaign Type: NZ-Equity Crowdfunding

Campaign Duration: 26 days

Amount Invested: N$1,713,490

N° of investors: 57

Average Investment: NZ$30,061

% Funded: 124.3%

Retirement Income Group (RIG) is New Zealand's established first mover in helping retirees transition from "saving for retirement" to "generating a sustainable income" in retirement. RIG established a managed Lifetime Income Fund which delivers long term revenue from investment in straightforward ETFs with a conservative balance allocation. Investors retain full ownership and access to their residual capital while receiving a guaranteed level of tax-free income for the remainder of their life. Upon death, all funds are returned to the deceased's estate. The primary benefit that Income Fund offers investors is certainty. Just like when retirees were working, money comes in every fortnight to pay the bills, irrespective of stock market crashes or lower interest rates.

To fund regulatory and working capital requirements, including salaries, overheads, sales and marketing costs, RIG raised $455,300 from the crowd in 2015, and a further $1,713,490 in 2016.

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