Successful Crowdfund Case Study: A Rewarding Platform for Game Players

Campaign Year: 2016

Campaign Type: NZ - Private

Campaign Duration: 64 days

Amount Invested: N$212,500

N° of investors: 12

Average Investment: $17,708

% Funded: 121.4%

This platform allows gamers to win prizes by completing quests and challenges in their favourite games. It works directly with publishers and developers, utilising the in-game API to gather game data. As players complete quests, they earn points which can be spent in the store to acquire rewards, including in game currency and gaming hardware. The platform is completely free for gamers to join and use, although the option to pay a subscription as a supporter is available with perks including the removal of ads and increased energy to complete additional quests per day.

The company has partnerships with some big names in the gaming industry, including League of Legends, Dota 2, Destiny and PUBG, with more planned for the future. It also provides a platform to facilitate the formation and maintenance communities of like-minded players, creating engagement within the platform and stickiness of the user base.

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