What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding allows any Australian and New Zealander over 18 years to invest in exciting early stage companies in return for equity. Investing is quick, easy and as a shareholder you can earn a return if the startup succeeds.

Own a piece of an upcoming startup you believe in.


Equity Crowdfunding is for everyone

The new way to invest in innovative business. We want to ensure our clients have the best opportunity for success, so we offer support before, during and after the offer for companies and investors.

Who invests?

Join individuals, friends, family and loyal supporters and invest alongside professional investors and venture capitalists.

diversified investment
Diversified investments

Equity crowdfunding lets you invest in new and exciting businesses. From idea-stage startups to Initial Public Offering (IPO) opportunities, you choose the businesses you want to back.

Equity crowdfunding
Flexible investments

Invest as little as $50 in businesses that catch your eye in just a few simple clicks.

Equity crowdfunding

We provide a fully automated transactional investment platform for our community of investors and entrepreneurs on both sides of the Tasman.

Equity crowdfunding

We are authorised to hold and transfer funds in secure, dedicated client trust accounts in Australia and New Zealand.


Equitise makes it simple for you to invest in exciting businesses for as little as $50.

The change for everyday investors

The year 2018 was a momentous one for equity crowdfunding. The law passed allowing everyday Australians over 18 years the opportunity to invest in new and exciting businesses not listed on the ASX.

Fintech Australia

Winner of Excellence in Crowdfunding

Winner of Marketing Campaign/Branding Initiative of the year

Finalist of Crowdfunding innovator of the year

Finalist of Fintech Start-up of the year

Finalist of FinTECH Startup of the year

Xinja Bank
raised $2.4 million from 1,222 investors
Xinja was the first equity crowdfund in Australia and is still the most successful. Within 18 hours the minimum investment amount ($500,000) had been reached. The company went onto raise $2.4 million which meant the offer was 488.1% funded. With the vision to build their bank with their customers, the team at Xinja have decided to undertake a second equity crowdfund in 2019.

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Invest in exciting businesses

Equitise makes it simple for you to invest in exciting businesses for as little as $50

Raise funds easily

Take control of your capital raise and focus on the growth of your business in an efficient and streamlined way.