Learn about Wholesale investing

How can I make an investment?

Getting started with Equitise is easy. Follow these steps:

  • Create an account online & verify your identity
  • Verify your status as a Wholesale Investor
  • Browse latest offers & invest if you’re keen

Do I qualify as a Wholesale investor?

To invest in our Wholesale offers, you just need to meet some conditions:

  • Earn over $250,000 for the past two years
  • Or, have $2.5 million in net assets
  • Get your accountant to fill out Sophisticated Investor (s708) certificate

How can I make a return on my investment? 

Once you own a stake in a business, you could get returns when the business:

  • Is acquired by another company
  • Pays dividends to shareholders
  • Floats or lists on the stock exchange
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$13MFunds Raised
1No Longer Trading (RIP)
133%Average Return on Portfolio
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