What is the ECF Trends Report?

Over the last few years, we have seen equity crowdfunding as a key player in the growing startup ecosystem. The movement has proven itself as one of the most effective ways for startups to increase brand awareness whilst also raising capital. It provides an avenue for founders to raise money from individuals who share their vision and who literally become invested in their success. For investors, it’s an accessible and exciting opportunity to back businesses they believe in for just a few hundred dollars. If the business does well, then the potential for reward is great as they can get in on the ground floor. 

We’re incredibly proud to see where Equitise is today. We have just seen another record year, grown the team, brought on more investors to our database and worked with lots of great founders. Already in 2022, our hard work is starting to pay off and our investors are seeing returns: for example, in January, Equitise alumni Car Next Door was acquired by Uber! 

Looking ahead into our crystal ball, we’ve made this 2022 Trends Report to explore what trends will shape another huge year for Australian startups and what we are looking for in our investment opportunities.

Download the 2022 CSF Trends Report here and see what we think is going to be big in 2022!


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