Australian-owned provider of innovative end-to-end ICT solutions with unmatched service disrupting the outdated telecommunications industry.

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ReadiiTel provides a full solution for its clients, combining traditionally separate roles to address the shortcomings of the big telcos. It focuses on providing the best superfast internet available alongside the high level of customer service that businesses need.

After rapid growth we needed to move to fibre and a more advanced telephony. ReadiiTel’s solution was well prepared and executed to time and budget. Our telephony has moved from a drag on the business to a driver of success.

Erik Zimmerman - CEO, Echo Group

At first, I was sceptical about moving away from one of the ‘big’ communication providers, but after a few years with ReadiiTel I can gladly say that my worries were entirely unjustified.

Mitchell Roberts - MD, Roberts Transport.

in 2018 there were 132,387 internet related complaints which varied from bad customer service and slow download speeds to connectivity drop-outs taking businesses offline

ReadiiTel was built to fill the service void left by the big telcos whose focus is too often limited to their larger clients. The ReadiiTel approach is based on a number of key aspects:

• Uniform Solution – providing customers with all their ICT (Information and Communications Technology) needs through a single point of contact. No outsourced call centres and multi-department inefficiencies, ReadiiTel knows there’s a problem even before the customer does.

• Innovative Approach – without the need to realise returns on heavy past investments in outdated technology, ReadiiTel can focus on providing the best solutions available.

• Fixed Wireless Internet – as fast as a direct optic fibre connection for a fraction of the price, fixed wireless technology does what the NBN fails to do.

• Personalised Customer Service – every client is treated equally with customised managed service plans, onsite face-to-face support and technical consulting.

Between 2018-2019 the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) received 132,387 complaints regarding internet issues.
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10.55% of people complained their service provider took no or delayed action with issues.

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6.55% of people complained about slow data connections, with Australia placed 62nd in the world for broadband speeds.

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5.98% of people complained about intermittent service and/or drop-outs of their internet connectivity.

With our current private fibre services, we have managed to maintain a 99.98% uptime across all of our customer services Australia-wide.

With the funds that we generate, we plan to roll out an additional ten Fixed Wireless base stations every year. These will allow us to grow our coverage and continue providing businesses, and soon households, with faster internet at lower costs.

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Please consider the general risk warning and Offer Information Statement before investing.