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From seed to IPO, raise the capital you need by accessing one of Australia’s largest investor communities and building a tribe of passionate investors. 

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Early-stage businesses often fail as a result of limited access to capital. Whether you’re seed, series A, B, C - we do it all. Our team of experienced finance, tech and marketing professionals will support you throughout the journey.

More Than Just Capital...

The offer is also a marketing campaign that builds brand awareness and gives you a crowd of passionate supporters who are invested in the success of your business. To kickstart the campaign, we have a database of over 50,000 investors, angels, VCs and family offices.

It Doesn’t End at The Raise

Equitise can also support you after the capital raise by offering market leading share registry and secondary market services. Now you’ve got a crowd of investors who believe in your business, there’s also the option to do subsequent raises - all the way to IPO.

Featured Case study


Parpera is an Australian fintech company seeking to build an ecosystem of products and services that will change the way people do business. The company only took 10 days to hit its maximum funding target of $800,000. The speed of the raise left a lot of investors wanting more, with a high amount of excess demand immediately following the campaign’s successful close. Parpera decided to open up a limited second tranche of $200,000 to be further put towards growth and development. Just a few hours after opening to expressions of interest, this second tranche hit its maximum target and closed successfully. 

Raised$1 million
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The Capital Raise Process
Our approach delivers an 86% success rate

1. Expression of interest (EOI)

Validate the investor demand for your capital raise before doing the heavy lifting. An EOI marketing campaign is fast and simple and has minimal costs to get started.

2. Offer preparation

Work with our highly skilled team to create the offer document for your capital raise. Our marketing team will help you create a strategic and complementary promotional plan to build awareness and gain investors.

3. Private launch

The offer is open to an exclusive group which might include your previous investors, close network and top customers. We also give access to EOIs.

4. Public launch

It’s go time. The offer is open to everyone and as much traffic as possible should be driven to the offer page through marketing. The campaign runs for approximately 6 weeks.

5. Campaign ends

Once you hit the funding target (100% funded), the offer will close successfully and will then go into ‘overfunding’. The offer ends when you hit the maximum funding target or the timer finishes.

6. Receive funds

After the capital raise process closes, we settle the funds and transfer you the amount raised, less our fees. It’s then over to you to welcome your new shareholders!  

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Frequently asked questions

What does Equitise do as part of the capital raising process?

Equitise have a range of in-house capabilities that assist with every stage of the campaign launch and we tailor the strategy to meet the exact needs of the venture. This enables us to maintain a market leading success rate, client retention rate and user retention rate for our capital raises.

What type of capital raise should I do?

Equitise offers several types of raises including retail equity crowdfunds, wholesale offers and IPOs. After you fill out the application form, we’ll discuss your options on the kick off call. The type of raise you do often depends on several factors including what your product/service is and what your aims are for the capital raise.

What does the equity crowdfund cost?

We charge an upfront fee ranging from $2,500 to $10,000. This is to cover all the support we offer to get a campaign up and running including help with marketing and creation of the offer document, and varies from company to company. We then charge a commission of the total funds raised averaging at around 6%. Wholesale deals and IPOs are charged a different fee structure. There are no other hidden or ongoing costs.

How does your process differ from other platforms for raising capital?

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for companies looking to undertake any sort of capital raise which we have built up and refined over more than 6 years of operation. 

We also offer post-raise services including registry and a secondary trading solution which is already in use by one of Australia’s largest beer brands. 

Equitise has operations in Australia and New Zealand with others on the horizon. The platform has been rebuilt recently to ensure the process for you is streamlined and transparent. Sitting above all of this is a team of over ten dedicated professionals who are now some of the most experienced in Australia when it comes to equity crowdfunding.

What is your success rate?

In the calendar year 2020, Equitise completed 25 successful offers raising $15 million. To date, we have completed 90 offers successfully and have raised over $57 million. Our success rate, when an offer hits the minimum funding target, is over 86%.

What is the average amount of capital you have raised for your clients?

Equitise offers various sorts of capital raises including wholesale, equity crowdfunding and IPOs. The average amount raised overall is $500,000.

I am interested in proceeding. What’s the next step?

Great news. Click here, fill out the questions and we will arrange a kick off call.

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