Reshaping supplements from the inside out.

It's live….own a piece of Purahealth now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.

You might know the number of steps you’ve taken, the origins of the fish on your plate, the nutritional value of your lunch. But do you know what’s in your dietary supplements? We didn’t either, because here in Australia no one is required by law to detail the full list of ingredients. As a health-conscious team this didn’t sit right with us.

With two lifetimes of industry and entrepreneurial experience guiding us, we want to flip the vitamin industry’s silent problem into an enormous opportunity - by creating clean, safe, pure choices with full transparency, long into the future.

So, why are we raising funds?

Our initial range of beautifully packaged, Purahealth supplements instantly set us apart in a homogenised marketplace - setting the scene for a brand shaking things up in the vitamin and dietary supplement market. Now we’re looking to build on our reputation for style and efficacy, introduce complete transparency, elevate the brand and diversify our products. All funds generated here will help us:

  • • Improve and expand upon our Australian-made, TGA-listed, 100% vegan dietary supplement range
  • • Introduce complete transparency, with every one of our natural, sustainably sourced, non-GMO and (where possible) organic ingredients listed and accounted for. With no synthetic binders or fillers used
  • • Bring this range to the broadest possible market, offering clarity to an ever-more discerning public

The Purahealth journey so far

Since 2016, we’ve been redefining dietary supplements. In that time, we have:

  • • Formulated and brought to market three premium supplements, with an understated style
  • • Been featured in wellness and style publications in Australia and beyond
  • • Developed strategic business partnerships domestically, as well as established distribution into China and the US
  • • Joined forces with an expert team of manufacturers and advisors, including industry specialist Bob Wootton
  • • Brought on key personnel and established worldwide trade relationships

Be part of our wellness revolution.

Internationally synonymous with healthy living, it’s a great time to be Australian in the multi-billion dollar wellness industry where Australian products are in high demand. And while the current players are beholden to the status quo, we are agile, and striking out in bold natural directions. Wellness is in demand and the category is growing like never before. Mindful consumers now make wellness part of a daily ritual and retailers large and small are tapping into that by introducing inner beauty ranges in store and online. Our advantage is custom-building a clean, green and transparent approach to dietary supplements complete with unmissable style. And with investor support we’re confident of reaching our goals quickly, carefully and with maximum eye for detail.

Invest and grow with us as we continue to reshape the vitamin and dietary supplements (natural medicines) industry from the inside out.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding became accessible to all Australian's over the age of 18 in January this year (2018). It's a new way to invest that enables broad groups of investors (‘the crowd') to fund early stage companies in return for equity. It helps these companies access the capital they require and gives investors a chance to invest in businesses they are passionate about. Retail investors can invest up to $10,000. Sophisticated investors are unlimited in their investment.

If you want to know more about equity crowdfunding, head to the Equitise FAQs page.

How to invest:

Before investing, you'll need to create an account with Equitise and then, once logged in, please verify your identity. Both steps should only take a few minutes.

If you have questions along the way about investing or about the offer, please don't hesitate to contact the friendly team at or instantly via the chat feature on the Equitise website.

It's live….own a piece of Purahealth now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.