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ASX IPO - H2Ocean Limited The Equitise funding bar currently shows only capital committed through the platform, and does not currently reflect capital from the joint lead managers.
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  • > Offer Type: Australian Retail (CSF) Offer This offer is open to Retail and Wholesale/Sophisticated investors in Australia. Whilst in New Zealand the offer is open to Wholesale investors.
  • > Company: H2Ocean Limited Securities purchased are for direct equity in H2Ocean Limited.
  • > Security Type: Ordinary Shares
  • > Fees Paid by Issuer: Undisclosed The fees paid to Equitise by the issuer upon successfully completing the funding round is undisclosed.
  • > Cooling-Off Rights: 5 working days - Retail investors in Australia are able to withdraw their applications for securities with accordance to the Australian Crowd Source Funding (CSF) regulations. For more information please click on the link supplied.
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Note! H2Ocean Limited (H20) is undertaking an initial public offering (IPO) in Australia, and is scheduled to list on the ASX during October. Investors should download and read the prospectus below before investing in the offer. The Australian Corporations Act prohibits any person from passing on to another person the Application Form unless it is accompanied by or attached to a complete copy of this Prospectus. The shares will list and trade on the ASX in Australian Dollars. The IPO offer is at AU$1.10 and investment is being accepted through the Equitise Platform at the price of NZ$1.16. An AUDNZD exchange rate of 1.054545 has been applied and this rate could change if there are significant fluctuations in the currency throughout the offer. This equity crowdfunding offer is made pursuant to the New Zealand equity crowdfunding regime as governed by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

More detailed information about this offer is contained in this Offer Document

Offer Document
Executive summary

H2Ocean Limited, is a listed investment company that will provide access to a diversified global portfolio of early and growth stage financial technology companies.

This portfolio will afford the investor access to new products, services and business models and may also provide a hedge against traditional bank and insurance investments that are at risk of digital disruption.

An opportunity to invest alongside experienced venture capital investors:

H2Ocean Limited (“the Company”) will typically invest in ventures that have completed an accelerator or incubator programme and it will typically invest on a matched basis, i.e. alongside other Professional Investors.

Access to the H2 proprietary database:

The Company, through its agreement with H2 Ventures (“the Manager”), has access to a proprietary database of both early and growth stage Fintech Ventures the Manager have reviewed, along with data on many of the world’s leading Fintech Ventures, which the Directors believe will give it unique insights into fintech trends and investment opportunities around the world.

Liquid exposure to an alternative asset class in a vehicle that trades on the ASX:

Investors will hold Shares and Options in the Company that may (following the Company’s admission to the Official List) be traded on the ASX. The Directors believe that the advantages of this Listed Venture Company structure include a stable closed-ended pool of capital, plus a requirement to comply with applicable ASX corporate governance policies, providing investors with transparency and accountability.

Opportunity to co-invest in Fintech Ventures in the Portfolio:

As an investor in the Company, shareholders may be offered opportunities for co-investment in ventures, through the H2Ocean Private Syndicate, that the Company has invested in.

An aligned, experienced investment team and Board:

Ben Heap and Dr Toby Heap are the founding partners of the Manager, are experienced fintech investors, and they will invest in the Company. They bring over 30 years of expertise with respect to financial services and principal investment to the Company. They are joined on the Board of the Company by three independent non-executive directors with relevant expertise and experience: David Koch, Anne O’Donnell and the Hon. Wyatt Roy.

N.B. both H2 Ventures Pty Ltd (the Manager of H2Ocean Limited) and Toby Heap are shareholders in Equitise Pty Ltd.  Toby Heap is a Non-Executive Director of Equitise Pty Ltd.

Investors in H2Ocean will also be invited to the H2Ocean Private Syndicate on the Equitise platform, allowing them the opportunity to co-invest in proposed investments by H2Ocean.

Key statistics


Investor rewards


Business model


Milestones & history


Strategy & vision


Use of funds


Financial summary


Offer overview

N.B. each Share comes with one Option for every one Share subscribed for under the Offer, with each Option exercisable at $1.10 on or before 19 April 2018.

N.B. The above dates are subject to change and are indicative only. Unless otherwise indicated, all times are references to the time in Sydney, Australia.

Executive summary
Market overview


Target market


Competitive landscape


Potential returns


Toby Heap

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Ben Heap

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Broker Presentation

Broker Presentation



Prospectus for ASX listing


The investors below have committed capital to the business in this funding round.


2016-10-12 03:00:15

Daniel Alexander

2016-10-06 20:47:42

See profile
James Goodwin

2016-10-03 23:50:18

See profile
Andrew Barnes

2016-09-29 22:43:24

See profile
Blake Young

2016-09-23 04:05:50

Head of Syndicates at Equitise

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2016-09-21 04:54:02

Dennis Spice

2016-09-17 03:01:08

See profile
kirati Supotina

2016-09-16 13:18:58

See profile
Rafael Kimberley-Bowen

2016-09-14 10:02:24

See profile
Jonny Wilkinson

2016-09-13 05:24:01

Managing Director at Equitise

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