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Patented Intelligent Cookware

The world's first smart, app-enabled walkaway cookware that does the cooking for you.

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The world's first smart, app-enabled walkaway cookware that does the cooking for you.


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    What is Zega?

    Zega is everything you love about home cooking without all the effort.

    Its patented double wall thermal insulated design and SmartControl technology heats in minutes and continues to cook safely for hours off the stove. Simply turn on the stove, add your ingredients and when it reaches the required temperature, switch off the stove and walk away. Your food continues to cook off the stove, without gas or electricity, and then stays hot for hours. With the Zega App, you can choose from delicious recipes and remotely monitor your cooking so you’re no longer a slave to the kitchen.

    Zega also functions as conventional cookware when required, is compatible with all stove types and is highly energy efficient.

    From the team behind the Magic Bullet

    The product was developed by the same team that created the Magic Bullet (precursor to the Nutribullet), and the designers are now returning to the market with a new innovation.

    Zega founder, Brendan Dunne, hopes to mimic the success of the Magic Bullet which sold over 5 million units globally. Heralding 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing consumer goods, Dunne is confident that this new product will be a hit.

    The team has also developed and manufactured over 20 million consumer products for some of the world's largest brands including:

    Commercialisation Plan

    The team has spent over two years perfecting & testing every aspect of Zega to ensure it meets the highest standard of design & manufacture as well as looking great in your kitchen. And after 2 years of research and development and intellectual property development, Zega has now commenced direct-to-consumer sales in the US and is preparing to scale distribution globally.

    With a highly experienced team and a proven track record in product commercialisation in a global housewares market worth $355 billion, Zega has all the ingredients to succeed.

    Funds raised will be used for:

    1. Manufacture of product

    2. Securing distribution arrangements in key markets

    3. Marketing support

    4. Further IP protection

    5. Hiring of key staff

    Register your interest for this equity crowdfunding offer to be the first to know when it goes live!

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