Your Food Collective

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  • Type: Retail
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Sustainable & regenerative online grocery platform, capturing part of the $7 billion national market.  

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Your Food Collective

Your Food Collective is now accepting investments!

  • Fees Paid by Issuer
    : 6.00% of funds raised
  • Cooling-Off Rights
    : 5 working days
  • Minimum Parcel Size
    : $254.74

Offer Overview

What is Your Food Collective?

At Your Food Collective (“YFC”) what we do is simple. Delivering better tasting, insanely fresh, locally & ethically sourced groceries right to your door.

And our impact is powerful.

Creating a significant barrier to entry, we’ve built technology and an operating model that facilitates and quantifies local, diverse food systems that have the ability to regenerate our way of life.  

We’re a family business, founded by cousins Lauren Branson and Cara Cooper in 2017, and deliver across Sydney and Newcastle 5 days a week. 

In just over three years we’ve:

  • Started selling the products and telling the stories of over 100 local farmers & producers on a regenerative journey
  • Reduced food waste by up to 50%
  • Delivered nearly 50,000 orders to over 10,000 people

And, we’re growing.   

For each of those 10,000 people we’ve:

  • Connected them to food that tastes better, lasts longer and is grown with love
  • Helped them reduce their food related carbon footprint by nearly 50%

Averaging 135% year on year growth and a net promoter score of over 60, YFC has reached a $1.65m revenue run rate. The team have successfully achieved 12% market penetration in their founding market and have built a play book to facilitate national growth.

Investment Highlights

  1. Impressive Traction Since Inception 

    We have averaged year on year growth of 135% and are currently achieving $1.7m, and on track for $5.0m revenue in FY22. Our vertically integrated business model allows a leading sustainability offer and low cost marketing, with the business having achieved profitability. We have a net promoter score of over 60 and an 80% monthly retention rate.

  2. Profit with Purpose 

    Our impact is powerful. Since opening nearly 4 years ago we’ve had a huge social and environmental impact, and we’re successfully creating a consumer led solution to a consumer driven problem. We’ve created a market for regenerative products from over 100 growers and producers, facilitated a 44% reduction in food-related carbon footprint for up to 10,000 people and are progressing towards our blueprint for a carbon positive food system.

  3. Sizeable Addressable Market

    The Australian online grocery market is a big market ripe for disruption. The industry is growing 27% year on year and reached $7bn in sales for FY21, and yet there is limited viable competition given the logistical and supply chain barriers to entry. By the end of 2021, ecommerce market penetration is estimated to be 85% of the total grocery market. Consumers are hungry for a brand they can trust to deliver a convenient, sustainable, grocery option. 

  4. End-To-End Customer Experience

    Your Food Collective offers everything the values based consumer needs whilst meeting consumer demand for convenience. This includes a growing range of time saving meal solutions, great recipes, a fun shopping experience, and direct delivery 5 days a week. 

    Across the full grocery range YFC stocks over 700 products from more than 100 local producers. Their aim is to capture 85% of the grocery wallet. Product range will be key to our expansion and we will look to develop white label products across meal kits and pantry categories.  

  5. Tangible Growth Plans 

    We have near term plans to grow to $28m in FY24 revenue from the Sydney and Newcastle markets, with plans in place to scale our offering and impact further across Australia. A number of key growth initiatives will allow us to work towards this goal, comprising both our service offering and our underlying technology.

"Very impressed with our first order. Everything was beautiful and fresh. We especially loved the lack of plastic packaging!"

Erin, Customer

The Problem - Our Food System is Broken

Being sustainable is no longer enough. We need to go beyond sustainability and start regenerating our way of life. 

Getting food right is key to achieving all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations.

And our current food system is broken:

  • Our food isn’t fresh
  • 30% of what we grow is wasted
  • It’s a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions
  • We are failing to nourish our growing population
Our Solution

At YFC we’re getting food right. 

From our unique producer sourcing to our packing we’re focused on regenerative practices and circularity across the supply chain. 

Here’s what it looks like:

Healthy Land - We work with growers who grow with respect for the land and the systems that support it. This means our growers are regenerating life across their farms and sucking carbon from the atmosphere.

Local Communities - We make a bold promise: over 95% of our fruit and veggies is grown within 250 kilometres of our customers’ front doors (bonus of less carbon footprint!). We pay fair prices for a product that's better. We take time to listen and tell producer stories because they’re worth telling.

Delivered with Love - The majority of our fruit and veg is picked from the ground when you order it, so we get it to you faster and with more nutrients than if it's been sitting in a warehouse, truck or store for days. Our personal shoppers hand pack every box with care. We minimise our footprint, whether it’s carbon, waste, or packaging.

As Easy As Can Be - We offer everything you need, a growing range of time saving meal solutions, heaps of great recipes, a fun shopping experience, and delivery 5 days a week. Because we get it. It's hard doing right by the world and getting through the week.

We’re giving our community of producers, suppliers and customers an opportunity to own their own supply chain. 

Growth Strategy

With your investment we’re going to double down on our impact. With a triple bottom line, this will help drive returns for producers, consumers, the environment and our shareholders.   

  • We aim to grow our commercial operations in our existing market 
  • Expand our product range so we can support more amazing local, regenerative growers 
  • Develop a white label product range
  • Progress on our tech roadmap to build out our subscription model and impact qualifications

Our growth will allow the development of two additional revenue streams - white label products and technology. These additional streams alongside a growing market presence and product range will help YFC grow into a household name across NSW, and further across Australia. We see online grocery shopping as the future of a more efficient and sustainable world, and we are proud to be driving towards that goal.

"I absolutely adored my first box. Opening it and discovering my treats was like opening presents on Christmas morning! I loved the minimal plastic and being supporting local farmers - it really makes my heart sing!"

Hannah, Customer

Market Overview & Drivers

The online food and delivery market is one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the Australian consumer market, and on top of that, has experienced unprecedented growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. General demand for online groceries is increasing at a rate of 26% per year over the past five years, with over $7 billion in online grocery sales. Over 80% of Australians already shop online, with ecommerce market penetration forecast to hit 85% by the end of 2021. The growing popularity of premium and higher quality grocery alternatives further acts as a driver for us.

Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to the online delivery store and grocery service market, with individuals less likely to frequent grocery stores due to concerns surrounding viral transmission. The pandemic has boosted interest in health with 50% of people choosing to buy products that are ‘good for sustainability’, a significant increase from 41% prior to the pandemic. The permanent alteration of consumer behaviour may result in more customers in the long run with 78% of grocery shoppers who have shifted to online shopping noting that they intend to maintain their behaviours. This accelerated trend will underpin a sustained and key transition in consumer behaviour.

Why Equity Crowdfunding?

We have chosen to raise these funds through equity crowdfunding because our customers and suppliers are key to the business and its growth. While there were options on the table to raise capital through traditional channels, we chose to partner with Equitise to give our key stakeholders a chance to get in on the ground floor and share in any potential success.

We want our community, customers and suppliers to be co-owners in the business, helping to build the future of the company and drive both its growth and its narrative. We also want to give our producers and customers the opportunity to own their supply chain, helping to drive the change from a commodities based food system to a values based food system. It made perfect sense to take this step on our journey to changing the way we shop for groceries. 

Key Team Members

For more information please see section 2.9 of the Offer Document.

Team Member

Lauren Branson

Founder/CEO & Director

Ecologist. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Specialist.

An ecologist specialising in biodiversity and conservation. She excels at being able to see the whole ecosystem, in nature or in the boardroom and drive outcomes. Experience as a consultant and her deep passion, sees Lauren bring stakeholders together with ease and get results fast! It’s Lauren’s vision and inspirational leadership that drives the business. 

Lauren’s role is to:

  • Creating and implementing Your Food Collective’s vision and mission
  • Leading the development of Your Food Collective’s short and long term strategy
  • Investor Relations
  • Develop and implement sustainability initiatives across the business
  • Build relationship and opportunities for YFC
  • Be the face of YFC
  • Ensure a strong company culture associated with YFC
  • Continue to build a strategic brand and marketing growth strategy 
  • Continue to build the YFC brand
Team Member

Cara Cooper

Founder/COO & Director

Risk Specialist. Supply chain and business operations. 

15 years in a corporate career assessing risk in global markets (UK, Asia, Australia). Cara brings a breadth of business experience with an analytical eye helping set the right foundations from which to grow. Experience with being a new market entrant and executing on new products and new initiatives. Whether running teams or portfolios Cara has a collaborative approach with a clear eye on the end goal. 

Cara’s role is to:

  • Execute on the business plan
  • Ensure a sound and long-term financial plan for YFC
  • Design customer centric operation strategies
  • Be the face of YFC
  • Build relationships and opportunities for YFC
  • Continue to build a technology road map for YFC
  • Continue to develop the play book for a carbon positive food system
Team Member

Kim Carruthers

Tech Lead

FMCG. Accenture.

Kim has more than 20yrs experience in a wide range of technologies. Kim has successfully delivered technology solutions to companies in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and Consumer Finance industries across Asia pacific, Europe and America. She has extensive experience in customer driven e-commerce solutions from start-ups in Silicon Valley to listed companies. Kim brings a range of eCommerce, Logistics and IOT expertise to the team.

Kim’s role is to:

  • Facilitate the development of YFC proprietary software technology to enable business growth and efficiency
  • Develop, test and deliver technology solutions across YFC operations
  • Website maintenance and development
Team Member

Gemma Svensson

Merchandising Lead

Trained in Michelin Starred Restaurants. The Square (London).

Gemma has more than 20 yrs experience in the food service industry. She cut her teeth in Michelin starred restaurants and brings a wealth of knowledge on all things food. Gemma has continually driven teams to excel in high pressure environments with extreme attention to detail and passion. Gemma brings with her a deep understanding of the food industry, product knowledge and producer relationships.

Gemma’s role is to:

  • Curate the YFC product range in accordance with YFC sourcing criteria
  • Maintain quality control and assurance
  • Provide hands on experience, feedback and insights from the food industry to continually improve product quality
  • Develop and deliver white label products including meal kits

Historical Financials

For more information please see section 2.12 of the Offer Document.

Use of Funds

Key Risks Facing the Business

For more information please see section 2.14 of the Offer Document.

Competition Risk

YFC has a strong sustainability and local appeal that differentiates it from competitors. If competitors begin adopting a similar angle, this could lead to a reduction of market share within Sydney and Newcastle. This will impact YFC’s revenues, and impact its growth prospects.

Brand Risk

YFC’s brand is centred around providing sustainably sourced and ethical ingredients that support local producers and minimise carbon footprint. If any incidents occur, for example, a grower not being sustainable, it can harm YFC’s reputation and brand, leading to a fall in sales and the potential breakage of partnerships along its supply chain. 

Supply Chain Risk

YFC sources food locally from small to medium sized growers and relies on its logistics and fulfilment network to achieve just in time delivery. If there are any delays or interruptions within its supply chain, for example, a delivery driver shortage, this could impact YFC’s day-to-day business operations and ability to meet orders.

Technology Risk

YFC uses a proprietary technology platform to manage fulfilment, and relies on its website to engage, capture and record a customer’s order. If the technology fails due to a technical error or unforeseen circumstance, this will impact YFC’s ability to meet orders and hit consumer and grower confidence in the business.

Quality Risk

YFC offers a wide variety of perishable and non-perishable products that can have varying levels of quality. Any products that fail to meet YFC’s quality standards and end up inside a customer’s order will have a negative impact on the business. This could be through a negative review, social media or loss of business.

Economic Risk

YFC’s business model is focused on purchasing produce at wholesale prices, before reselling it at retail rates. Our consumers are value-based, and want convenience. In an economic downturn, demand will be reduced, due to the price sensitivity of consumers, which will result in lower revenues for YFC. Likewise, rising wholesale prices from inflationary pressures will increase YFC’s cost of doing business, reducing their margins (if price remains the same).