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Firstcheck World-first, life-saving technology, putting skin cancer detection in the hands of everyday people, using their smartphones.
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Minimum subscription hit - More equity on offer.!

  • NZ$546,283


  • 109.3% funded

  • 11 days & 8 hours

    time left

  • 13.9% - 27.9%

    min - max equity offered

  • NZ$500,000 - NZ$1,200,000

    min - max investment sought

  • NZ$231

    min investment parcel

Profit Loss Statement query.

Hi Hayden, I have noted that most of the shareholder investments are going towards paying out the salaries, marketing costs and towards other liabilities? Is there going to be any money spend on further innovation? Just curious to know.
Do you have any plans towards marketing this product globally too or this will be limited to AU & NZ?
Who is your current competition?
What stage/phase is the company at? (At the negative phase, meaning the company has launched its product using the revenue from their own pocket and is now moving to the next phase to market it and reach to break-even?

Luv Khattar posted on 22.08.2019

Hi Luv Khattar,

Thank you for your interest in Firstcheck and our equity crowdfunding.

To answer your questions:

Use of funds: Our focus for this next stage is on growth - particularly customer acquisition - across Australasian markets. As you noted, this requires investment into business development, sales and marketing – including salaries across those functions and sales and marketing spend. The core functionality of the technology is built, enabling the Company to now focus on growth and scaling, but there will be continued customisations and integrations for partners and continued enhancement of the software.

Current competition: Perhaps the most useful way to answer this question for you may be to direct you please to Section 1.7.2 (Key Competitors) of the Information Memorandum, which will provide more information than is possible to provide here. (The Information Memorandum can be accessed by clicking on the “Documents” tab in the Deal Room.)

Stage/phase: The company is an early stage company. We have been funded with equity and revenue to date and are pursuing accelerated growth plans by raising further capital. In looking at the "Key Competitors" in the Information Memorandum, perhaps also jump to Section 1.12 of the Information Memorandum which includes further financial forecast information.

Thanks again for your interest and please just let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,


Hayden Laird posted on 23.08.2019

Replied to Luv Khattar

First Check Investment

I just wanted to know what sort of returns can be expected in the investment of First Check. Any sort of estimate or graph would be helpful.


Dennis Krishan posted on 14.08.2019

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your interest in Firstcheck and our equity crowdfunding.

And thanks for your question with regards to expected returns.

There are certain rules around equity crowdfunding and it is prudent that we direct you to the investment warning statement below which notes that this style of investing is inherently risky due to the early-stage nature of the venture at hand. Further information around the risks of investing is also set out in the Information Memorandum.

Our cornerstone investors in this offer - including a renowned angel investment group and a strategic industry investor - have formed their own view on risk and return and the merits of investment in Firstcheck - as it relates to them in their particular circumstances. It is not, however, appropriate for or prudent of us to assert any return expectations at this stage.

Thanks again for your interest and please just let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,


Hayden Laird posted on 16.08.2019

Replied to Dennis Krishan

Hello how can i come in

I would like to know more about this project

Ken Chaturvedi posted on 11.08.2019

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your interest in Firstcheck and our equity crowdfunding.

Information about the offer can be found at the "Offer Overview" tab above and also in the more detailed Offer Document which can be downloaded by clicking the "Documents" tab above.

Thanks again for your interest and please just let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,


Hayden Laird posted on 14.08.2019

Replied to Ken Chaturvedi

  • > Offer Type: New Zealand Retail This offer is open to Retail and Wholesale/Sophisticated investors in New Zealand. Whilst in Australia the offer is open to Sophisticated investors.
  • > Company: Firstcheck Limited Securities purchased are for direct equity in Firstcheck Limited.
  • > Security Type: Ordinary Shares
  • > Fees Paid by Issuer: 6.00% of funds raised Upon successful completion of this funding round a total of 6.00% of capital raised will be paid by the Issuer to Equitise.
  • > Cooling-Off Rights: None This offer does not provide cooling off rights to any investors.
  • > Related Parties: None

More detailed information about this offer is contained in this Offer Document

Offer Document
Offer overview

The company is offering 649,349 to 1,558,439 ordinary shares under the following terms:

Existing shareholders are investing $56,500 in the Offer via the exercise of outstanding share warrants as outlined in section 2.1 of the Information Memorandum).

The company also has a number of options on issue. For further information please see section 1.10.1 of the Information Memorandum.

Executive summary


Firstcheck’s technology is revolutionising skin cancer screening by placing game-changing innovation in the hands of everyday people. With a unique and scalable platform, Firstcheck provides affordable, convenient and reliable skin checks online - connecting patients with expert skin cancer doctors for reliable, rapid and convenient care.

Firstcheck allows skin doctors to diagnose skin cancers using clinical quality photographs of moles and skin spots taken by customers through our doctor-consultation mobile app. We are empowering people to take charge of their own wellbeing, bringing peace of mind to themselves and their families.



Currently, Australia and New Zealand have the world’s highest rates of skin cancer. Two out of three people are expected to develop skin cancer. One in six doctor visits involves a skin problem. Deaths from skin cancer exceed the road death toll. Treatment costs already exceed $1 billion per annum across Australia and New Zealand.

Despite deaths being largely preventable, there are significant barriers to early detection including a shortage of dermatologists and high costs which are preventing widespread access to screening services. This results in significant patient delay, which is often the key determinant of the prognosis and can be the difference between life and death.


  1. Customers take a photo of their mole or spot using their smartphone camera. 
  2. More detailed imaging can be captured using the Firstcheck SkinScopeTM  (an affordable smartphone lens attachment – refer to section 1.3.6 of the Information Memorandum for more information).
  3. Customers upload images via Firstcheck's mobile application.
  4. Customers choose an expert skin cancer doctor to analyse the images.
  5. Responses are provided within 72 hours, with an average response time of 24 hours.
Investor rewards

Each Investor is entitled to receive a Firstcheck SkinScopeTM which will be sent out after the Investor Shares are issued.

Business model



Firstcheck has multiple revenue streams that underpin the business model. These include:

  • In-app doctor consultation commissions – RRP $19.95 (including GST): Firstcheck receives the price paid in-app for the doctor consultation and collects its margin before paying the doctor their fee.
  • Firstcheck SkinScope sales – RRP $29.95 (including GST and delivery): Firstcheck makes a margin after accounting for GST, payment provider fees, cost of goods, warehousing and freight.
  • Software/Integration/Platform fees from strategic partners: Firstcheck offers various customisation options to partners who wish to co-brand and offer customised user interfaces and user experiences when promoting Firstcheck to its networks e.g. white-labelling/co-branding fees, appointment booking software integration fees.
  • Insurance reimbursement: Insurance companies or corporates may fund skin checks for their corporate or individual members/employees as a health and wellbeing benefit.
Strategy & Vision


The Firstcheck model has been designed to differentiate itself, combining key elements to deliver a unique and valuable virtual health skin screening solution that:

  • Offers a low-cost platform solution which is directly accessible by consumers.
  • Features a review by skin cancer doctors.
  • Benefits doctors rather than competing with them through a referral system.
  • Has received strong endorsement from key industry stakeholders such as Insurers, Pharmacies and Skin Cancer Clinics.
  • Delivers reliable, affordable, widely-accessible and convenient skin checking capability.

Firstcheck's unique technology combination delivers reliable, affordable, widely-accessible and convenient skin checking technology.


Strategic partnerships have been secured to enhance B2B distribution channels. These partners leverage Firstcheck’s platform, products and brand to deliver significant value to their members/customers. The networks of our partners are our primary target end-user audience. Currently, our partners have customer bases exceeding 20 million customers.

Significant partnerships secured to date include:

TAL: Insurance Provider Partnership

TAL is one of Australia's leading life insurance specialists, insuring almost 4 million Australians. The partnership entails TAL leveraging Firstcheck as part of its TAL SpotChecker campaign and significant promotion (PR and marketing) by TAL. TAL has also funded free Firstcheck skin checks for partners, staff and customer groups.

Skin Institute: Skin Clinic Partnership

Skin Institute (strategic investor in this capital raise) is New Zealand's most recognised, trusted and innovative chain of skin health clinics, with 17 branches nationwide. Firstcheck is supported by Skin Institute's diagnostic expertise in enabling skin checks to be offered in pharmacies using Firstcheck's technology, with co-branding and co-promotion to market the offering to customers.

Green Cross Health and Unichem and Life Pharmacy: Pharmacy Partnership 

Green Cross Health is an NZX-listed private primary health provider with 362 pharmacies commanding 33% market share and annual revenues of $523 million. The partnership sees head office support the roll-out of Firstcheck to New Zealand pharmacies with Green Cross Health helping sell and market the offering to Unichem and Life Pharmacy pharmacies.

Use of funds

The table below sets out the intended use of funds raised under this Offer based on the minimum and maximum subscription amounts.

For further information please see section 2.2 of the Information Memorandum.

Financial summary

For a full breakdown of the financials for Firstcheck Limited please see section 1.11 of the Information Memorandum.

Please see the Information Memorandum (available in the ‘Documents’ section), including section 2.1 of the Information Memorandum, for terms of the offer and your consideration of an investment in Firstcheck.

How Will My Shares Be Held?

Your shares will be held on trust by a nominee company. This allows the company and the nominee directors to help manage communications between investors and Firstcheck. Firstcheck will only have one name on its share register.

Should there be a shareholder vote, such as on the future sale of the company, change in constitution or other shareholder resolution, the nominee will pass any required resolution to you, the investor to vote on. The nominee will then collate these votes and pass them up to Firstcheck. Where the corporate action (for example a shareholder resolution) requires the nominee to vote shares held as a single block, the nominee may vote the shares in accordance with a majority view expressed by those investors giving timely instructions.

Upon any liquidity event, where your shares are sold as a result of a trade sale or IPO, any funds available to you as a shareholder will flow through the nominee’s trust account to you, the investor. In the event of an IPO, where your shares are not sold but become traded on a public stock exchange, you will hold your shares directly in the company rather than through the nominee company. That is, the nominee will not stand in your way from recognising the economic benefit of a liquidity event.

There will be no associated fees (or 'Carry') to use the Equitise nominee service for this offer. 

We are happy to answer any questions about the nominee via email to

Please refer to the Information Memorandum for other terms applying to your consideration of an investment in Firstcheck.

Hayden Laird

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Clare Burtton

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Aliyu (Dee) Odumosu

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Jacob Oldfield

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Firstcheck Information Memorandum

This is the Firstcheck Information Memorandum as at 2 August 2019.


The investors below have committed capital to the business in this funding round.

Amanda Zovic

2019-09-17 17:18:54

See profile

2019-09-17 07:54:47


2019-09-12 06:35:43

Ryan Cha

2019-09-11 20:48:33

See profile
Nathalie Watson

2019-09-11 10:30:59

See profile

2019-09-08 08:17:44

Jaysen Magan

2019-09-07 11:52:56

See profile
Aus Wholesale

2019-09-06 16:05:29

AU wholesale

2019-09-06 16:05:29


2019-09-06 15:50:12

Stephen Martyn Charles Wiltshire

2019-09-04 12:46:34

Retired AFA

See profile

2019-09-02 16:16:03

Reuben Horn

2019-09-01 14:33:20

See profile
Arthur Turner

2019-08-30 15:28:45

See profile

2019-08-30 05:51:42


2019-08-27 06:31:39


2019-08-26 17:48:53


2019-08-26 12:50:32

Katrina Gavin

2019-08-25 21:50:48

See profile
Rodney Marks

2019-08-24 08:24:27

See profile

2019-08-24 07:11:24


2019-08-24 06:42:40

Fiona Foxall

2019-08-23 22:11:04

See profile
Kartja Lin

2019-08-23 19:36:54

See profile
Sue Cowie

2019-08-23 18:23:15

See profile
Existing Investors

2019-08-23 13:05:22

Ben Wood Wood

2019-08-23 09:44:29

See profile
Fran Bellingham

2019-08-23 05:52:34

See profile
Amanda Sim

2019-08-22 21:05:48

See profile
High Net Worth Investor

2019-08-22 14:24:31

Dennis Krishan

2019-08-22 13:38:25

See profile
Jan Semerad

2019-08-22 08:17:40

See profile

2019-08-21 15:34:04

Rudram Ventures

2019-08-21 15:08:28

High Net Worth Investor

2019-08-21 12:59:20


2019-08-20 19:16:32


2019-08-20 18:38:35

High Net Worth Investor

2019-08-20 13:01:31


2019-08-20 07:55:20

David Candy

2019-08-20 05:04:20

See profile
High Net Worth Investor

2019-08-19 16:54:51

ron woods

2019-08-18 19:56:02

See profile
Andrew Waddel

2019-08-17 15:51:40

See profile
Sarah Buist

2019-08-17 09:26:08

See profile
Graeme Ryan

2019-08-16 14:42:58


See profile
Alasdair Christie

2019-08-16 09:17:29

See profile

2019-08-16 08:39:11

Dan Martin

2019-08-16 06:30:33

See profile
Dean Buttel

2019-08-15 17:46:41

Integrated Business Planning Manager

See profile
Charlotte Pemberton

2019-08-15 15:59:23

See profile

2019-08-15 15:59:02


2019-08-15 15:18:55


2019-08-15 12:45:41


2019-08-14 19:13:37


2019-08-14 16:58:00

James Lello

2019-08-14 12:50:08

See profile
Zhouyi Yu

2019-08-13 12:53:50

See profile
Andy Simpson

2019-08-13 11:06:37

See profile
Ben Bakalich

2019-08-13 00:58:51

See profile
collin frost

2019-08-11 13:47:19

See profile
Nigel Drummond

2019-08-09 22:49:34

See profile

2019-08-09 16:59:29

Grant Rogers

2019-08-09 16:03:11

See profile
Anthony Edwards

2019-08-09 14:50:56

See profile
Helen Brookes

2019-08-09 09:28:52

See profile
Alan McCullough

2019-08-08 20:51:56

See profile
Romesh Dewa

2019-08-08 18:29:24

Birgit Harker

2019-08-08 15:47:10

See profile
Lovemore Kosana

2019-08-08 15:33:21

See profile
greg james

2019-08-08 13:03:06

See profile

2019-08-08 12:51:18

Kate McBeath

2019-08-08 12:15:02

See profile
Louisa Blair

2019-08-08 12:10:52

See profile
Alan Rose

2019-08-08 08:16:26

See profile
John Blair

2019-08-08 08:03:54

See profile

2019-08-08 03:35:33

Rigel Gabriel Goyena

2019-08-07 11:05:17

See profile
Ken Maclaren

2019-08-06 05:24:37


2019-08-05 22:42:22


2019-08-05 17:21:36

Adrian Parker

2019-08-05 16:47:02

See profile
Private Investor

2019-08-05 10:25:56

Hayden Laird

2019-08-02 13:52:28

Director, CEO and Co-Founder

See profile
Skin Institute

2019-08-02 13:30:14

Enterprise Angels

2019-08-02 13:30:14

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