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Equitise Pty Ltd The leading trans-Tasman equity crowdfunding platform.
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Minimum subscription hit - More equity on offer.!

  • A$650,000

    A$53,420 underwrite

  • 100% funded

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    time left

  • 5.1% - 9.4%

    min - max equity offered

  • A$650,000.00 - A$1,250,000.00

    min - max investment sought

  • A$5,490.00

    min investment parcel




The offer to invest in Equitise Pty Ltd (Equitise) in New Zealand is restricted to “Wholesale Investors” (including eligible investors) as defined in clause 3 of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, or persons who are otherwise entitled to receive private offers of financial products without first receiving a product disclosure statement or any equivalent document (together, Qualifying Investors).



In Australia the Offer is restricted to Wholesale investors who meets the ASIC Wholesale classification OR a Sophisticated investor, being those that have net assets of at least A$2.5 million or has a gross income for each of the last two (2) financial years of at least A$250,000 a year.


Applications or requests for information from persons who are not Qualifying Investors cannot be accepted and we reserve the right to accept or reject any or all applications at any time. We may also require further information, documentation and/or certification from an applicant to confirm their investor eligibility.


For more information contact Chris Gilbert on +61 447 863 000 or chrisg@equitise.com.

Letter From The Founders


Dear Potential Investors,

Thanks for stopping by! As founders, we are really excited to be offering our ever-growing “crowd” the opportunity to own equity in Equitise, to be part of our story and share in our future successes. 

It has been a busy few years for the Equitise team. We’ve not only defied the odds of launching in a foreign country (due to prior legislative restrictions in Australia), but we have also successfully capitalised the business from some very impressive investors whilst waiting for the Australian Government’s changes to local laws back home.

After much lobbying, many long nights, and a huge amount of hard work, we are hugely proud to be able to make this offer to the Wholesale and Sophisticated investors within our network and through our own platform.

For those that want to get involved but can’t just yet - not to worry, we aim to give all our loyal supporters a chance to invest in our business once we are licensed for equity crowdfunding in Australia post September 29 this year.

We look forward to welcoming your support.

Chris & Jonny

Executive summary


Equity Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept that enables broad groups of investors to fund startup companies and small businesses in return for equity. Investors give money to a business and receive ownership of a small piece of that business.

Until this year Equity Crowdfunding has not been able in Australia and the team at Equitise has been preparing for the launch over the past 3 years while establishing our trans-Tasman Investment platform. This has allowed us to build the experience in New Zealand as a licensed Equity Crowdfunding provider and in Australia through traditional Wholesale investment opportunities.

Investment Highlights

With the introduction of Equity Crowdfunding Legislation retail investors are able to invest in non-listed companies without a prospectus, allowing for an unprecedented opportunity in early stage capital markets in Australia.

Leverage our experience having successfully raised for 25 companies in both Australia and New Zealand we have a wealth of knowledge that has developed our processes and streamlined our operations.

The heart of our platform is the technology we have developed that allows companies to easily create an offer and share it with the network, while everyday investors can quickly create and account and invest in the opportunities they believe in.

Market Forces

With the recent changes and developments within the Australian and New Zealand economies we believe there is a significant tailwind that will not only help our business become quickly established as the market unfolds but to grow and expand long-term.

Over the past 24 months there has been significant development in the early stage capital markets in Australia with over $2bn of new funds flowing into Venture Capital Funds. Along with the continued inflow into Superannuation, now sitting at more than $2tn and the changes to the ASX listing rules there is a continued focus on early stage capital markets that will support the growth of Equity Crowdfunding.

The Australian startup ecosystem has grown significantly over the past decade, with some world class companies like Atlassian, Canva, Campaign Monitor and OzForex taking to the world stage we have developed a growing ecosystem to support new businesses and founders. This creates a great opportunity and allows more businesses to get started and compete on the world stage at a lower cost than ever before.

Having witnessed the international growth of Equity Crowdfunding in countries like the United Kingdom we believe there will be a similar uptake and development in Australia. Since 2011 the UK market has grown where ECF has overtaken Angel Investment with £50m invested over 87 deals in Q1 2017.

Offer overview


Equitise Pty Ltd is offering 88,798 to 170,765 Ordinary Shares under the following terms: 

* There is a A$250,000 of Convertible Notes converting into this round if it is successful.

Part of this Capital Raise has been underwritten. Andrew Barnes (Bath Street Capital Limited) is an existing investor who is underwriting A$250,000 of this Capital Raise.

How Will My Shares Be Held


This section is only applicable for investors who invest amounts less than A$50,000 into this offer.

Your shares will be held on bare trust for you by a nominee company, Equitise Nominees Limited.

Equitise Nominees Limited is a New Zealand wholly owned subsidiary of Equitise Pty Ltd and Chris Gilbert and Jonny Wilkinson are the Directors. We have processes in place to ensure conflicts do not arise and we will involve external advisors in certain circumstances where we feel necessary.

Should there be a shareholder vote where you are entitled to vote, such as on the future sale of the company, change in constitution or other shareholder resolution, the nominee will pass any required resolution to you, the investor to vote on. The nominee will then collate these votes and pass them up to Equitise Pty Ltd. Where the corporate action (for example a shareholder resolution) requires the nominee to vote shares held as a single bloc, the nominee may vote the shares in accordance with a majority view expressed by those investors giving timely instructions.

Upon any liquidity event, where your shares are sold as a result of a trade sale or IPO, any funds available to you as a shareholder will flow through the Equitise trust account to you, the investor. In the event of an IPO, where your shares are not sold but become traded on a public stock exchange, you will hold your shares directly in the company rather than through the nominee company.

We are happy to answer any questions about the nominee via email to contact@equitise.com.

Christopher Gilbert

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Jonny Wilkinson

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Alex Vlas

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