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Pharma Botanica’s philosophy is simple: Nature has always provided the answers. 

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Pharma Botanica

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions through our DNA shared all-natural healthcare products.


    Pharma Botanica’s philosophy is simple: Nature has always provided the answers. 

    Decades of conventional pharmaceuticals have left many patients with serious side effects and decades of synthetic vitamin supplements has led to growing scepticism about their effectiveness. The healthcare landscape is changing and at Pharma Botanica, our mission is to improve the lives of millions through our DNA shared all-natural healthcare products.

    Pharma Botanica Naturopathic medicines are 100% pure plant, which means our shared DNA is still contained in the product. Science now understands that this shared DNA is what makes medicines bio-available to the human body and, therefore, more effective. With products supporting improvement in memory, liver function, hair skin and nails, cardiovascular support, and hormone balance, we also have a number of new products in the pipeline that we are excited to share with our customers. 

    The Pharma Botanica journey began in 1996, when co-founder Melissa was running her own magazine in Singapore. Since then, it has grown to a multi-million dollar Australian success story, and with exciting expansion plans in the works, Pharma Botanica is at a pivotal stage in their growth.

    Business Model 

    1. TGA Approved Complementary Medicines

    Our registered trademarked DNA SHARED HEALTHCARE is gaining a lot of attention. This is because people are realising that there are a lot of synthetic vitamins and chemically-made herbal extracts on the market. And because of this, people are often disappointed and sceptical when they buy these products because they don't usually see any results.

    Pharma Botanica's range of products are free of synthetic vitamins, free of chemical extracts, plants are the future of health supplements. Whole medicinal plants contain all the medicinal compounds and vitamins, and minerals needed for bioavailability, which means they work better. Quality tested and manufactured to pharmaceutical grades and independently evaluated, these supplements are the future of health care.

    2. TGA Approved Medicinal Herb Production

    The largest problem we face today is the contamination of groundwater in countries such as India and China. This contamination, in the form of mercury, lead, and arsenic, has been found in raw materials in recent testing. This makes the raw material useless and it must be destroyed.

    Pharma Botanica plans to solve this problem by producing our raw materials in controlled greenhouses here in Australia. They will meet all the high testing requirements of the TGA to ensure a consistent supply and generate carbon offsets.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Strong Growth and Traction to Date

      Over the past 3 years, we have experienced high growth in total sales and net profit, with profit nearly tripling between FY19 to FY20. There are many opportunities for further growth in this area, including expanding our online community, introducing loyalty programs and subscriptions, and releasing new products. This growth in popularity reflects the move away from traditional health supplements seen in Australia and around the world.

    2. Excellent Television Home Shopping Sales and Online Sales Growth

      Reaching over 10 million households across Australia & New Zealand, Pharma Botanica has been the number one selling health supplement on the TVSN network for over 15 years. In 2019, we also turned our focus to building an online presence. And in just 3 years, we have built a 22,000+ social media following, with a customer database of 10,000+. This has been due to our growing online presence and increase in social media marketing. We see our online distribution as being a key focus for our brand going forward, and with 6x ROI on our current advertising strategy, we expect our consumer base to continue to expand.

    3. Exceptional Customer Engagement and Retention

      We have over 2100 loyal customers who regularly order their medicines from us, and our customer lifetime value is currently $6,240. New customer acquisition is currently costing $25 and the average purchase amount is $130, and we are gaining on average 3 new long-term customers per day. This is a testament to the fact that our consumers love our products, and after experiencing the benefits of our real medicinal plants and shared DNA, they never go back to the synthetic supplements.

    4. High Product Margins

      Due to our unique manufacturing and sourcing of inputs, we are able to have high product margins on our medicines. Depending on the specific formula, our margins range from 50% to 60% and are expected to improve in 2023 as we increase order volume and obtain increased volume discounts.

    5. Experienced Founders

      Both founders are experienced, passionate, and have experienced firsthand the benefits of natural health remedies in their lives. Melissa brings her 25 years of experience in TGA compliance and Marketing of medicines regulated under the TGA. Prior to co-founding Pharma Botanica with Melissa, Paul worked in Senior Management with international Information Technology companies. Over the past 25 years, Paul has been involved in product research and development and brought his significant management and planning expertise to the business.

    6. International Expansion Plans

      Our first step towards global sales will be expanding into Vietnam. We have partnered with PT Medical in Vietnam which has established a subsidiary company Viet Health and Beauty, to distribute and market international brands like Pharma Botanica. As Vietnam is Australia's second biggest export partner to China, this will open up many doors for international expansion in the future.

    7. Industry Forecasts Point to High Growth Potential

      The complementary medicines industry continues to outpace growth in the broader economy. The global herbal medicines market is projected to reach USD $430.0 billion by 2028, and naturopathic medicine is a large and growing subfield within this market. In 2020, we developed two new formulations in the naturopathic medicine range, one of which is registered and approved with the TGA. As a key player in the Australian global herbal medicine market, we are positioned to benefit from growth in the industry.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding?

    Pharma Botanica sees equity crowdfunding as an optimal way for us to further deepen our connections with our loyal customers and raise capital to assist with our expansion plans. This presents a pivotal year for us, as we already have two new formulas that have received TGA approval and are awaiting production. Raising capital through crowd-sourced finding is a great way to continue our growth trajectory while giving our community a chance to participate in this journey with us.