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Better money, for businesses

Finally, a better way for Australian businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to manage their money

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Finally, a better way for Australian businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to manage their money


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    What is Parpera?

    Parpera is an Australian fintech seeking to build an ecosystem of fair and transparent products and services that help people to effectively setup, manage and grow their business in the new economy.

    Parpera is developing a fully-digital solution that will initially seek to provide digital wallet, card, payment, and money management capabilities, to help Australian businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to improve the way they do business.

    "I will do anything to avoid more paperwork with my banking. Sending and receiving payments should be as easy as sending instant messages."

    Bronwen, Entrepreneur

    Key achievements to date

    1. Business Model Validated & Primed

      With over 250 Australian businesses interviewed and surveyed, Parpera has empirically validated the market opportunity and achieved over 1,000 waitlist sign-ups.

    2. Strong Management & Advisory Teams In Place

      The Company's founding and executive teams are in place, with diverse, deep, and relevant global experience, complemented by a robust advisory board.

    3. Initial Launch Partnership Secured

      A go-to-market partnership agreement with a leading accounting software provider has been established, providing the Company with integration and marketing access to over 1 million Australian businesses.

    4. Successful Capital Raising

      Parpera has successfully raised pre-seed funding through a private allocation.

    The problem for businesses

    The transition, from the old to new economy, globally, has led to a significant shift in the way we live, work and transact.

    This brings into question the propositions, practices and legacy (mainly net-interest-margin based) business models of incumbents. It necessitates innovative, fairer and transparent products and services to help people to build better businesses, and ultimately live better lives.

    In Australia, there are 2.4m businesses, 1.5m of which are non-employing and are the fastest growing business segment (3.02%, 5-year CAGR).

    Unlike those in other developed markets, Australian businesses - particularly sole traders, freelancers and entrepreneurs - remain underserved by the traditional financial institutions, and new entrants have primarily focused on either larger SMEs, lending or retail consumers segments.

    "We pay a Big 4 bank $10 a month for basically nothing. We'd happily switch and pay for something better."

    Andrew, Entrepreneur

    Parpera is strongly focused on co-designing its proposition with and building a community of Australian and international businesses, to better capture and understand their needs.

    Parpera has interviewed and surveyed over 250 business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to better understand the challenges they face and identified that Australians specifically want a better solution that makes it easier and faster to:

    • Receive money from their customers
    • Maintain positive cash flow and manage expenses, tax and reporting obligations
    • Access support, products and services, personalised to their business and needs
    "I love getting instant notifications for my personal banking - I've switched all my personal banking over from one bank to another service simply for this feature. I need this for my business account too!"

    Ron, Freelance project manager

    Why equity crowdfunding?

    Parpera is raising seed capital to progress the build, deployment and initial operation of its minimum loveable product (first) release and the associated business, operational, technology, regulatory and go-to-market activities required to achieve this milestone.

    The team’s vision is to co-create Parpera with a community of people, businesses, and investors and they believe that equity crowdfunding is a powerful tool to achieve this.

    Behind every business is a person. Parpera wants to give everyone the opportunity to own a part of the Company, so that they can help drive and share in its commercial and financial success.

    Australian Corporations Regulations - Warning Statement About Equity Crowdfunding

    Crowd-sourced funding is risky. Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Investment in these types of ventures is speculative and carries high risks.

    You may lose your entire investment, and you should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship. Even if the company is successful, the value of your investment and any return on the investment could be reduced if the company issues more shares.

    Your investment is unlikely to be liquid. This means you are unlikely to be able to sell your shares quickly or at all if you need the money or decide that this investment is not right for you.

    Even though you have remedies for misleading statements in the offer document or misconduct by the company, you may have difficulty recovering your money.

    There are rules for handling your money. However, if your money is handled inappropriately or the person operating this platform on which this offer is published becomes insolvent, you may have difficulty recovering your money.

    Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself to any investment.