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Blockchain-enabled digital voting platform focussed on transforming the way we make collective decisions.

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Horizon State has created a revolutionary digital voting platform that facilitates secure and remote public voting.

Horizon State

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    What is Horizon State?

    Horizon State has created a revolutionary digital engagement platform that facilitates secure and remote public voting.

    With advanced technology development and blockchain adoption, Horizon State enhances the security, efficiency and auditability of voting processes for government and corporate clients. The company’s service approach and technology have the potential to transform the way we make collective decisions, empowering governments and organisations to cultivate trust through engagement while protecting the data and privacy of their constituents, stakeholders and audiences.

    The interface design is media rich for client presentation and enables a simple and intuitive user experience. Voters are provided with a link to the election page where they are prompted to authenticate themselves, review information presented on the topic and cast their vote. Results are then recorded and tallied on the blockchain to ensure their integrity before being presented.

    This process also allows organisations to demonstrate they are responsive and accountable to the public when making decisions or claims based on survey feedback. Horizon State gives complete transparency to reveal the truth in an era of fake news and manipulated information.

    To date, Horizon State has worked with a variety of government departments, councils, political parties, enterprise and state government clients. Horizon State was also recognised by the World Economic Forum in 2018 as a top global Technology Pioneer, joining alumni including Google, Dropbox and Airbnb.

    With wavering public confidence in election and collective engagement processes around the world, declining trust in corporate organisations and the accelerating trend of digitisation driven by COVID-19, Horizon State presents a solution that ensures our democratic processes remain relevant for the 21st century.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Rebuilding Trust in Democratic Processes

      Recent high-profile examples, such as the allegations of electoral fraud culminating in the attack on the US capitol in early 2021, have demonstrated that traditional approaches to elections and public engagement are subject to differing interpretations on impartiality, effectiveness and trustworthiness.

      Horizon State provides a modern, unambiguous, solution to enhance trust, accuracy and accountability of voting systems.

    2. Secure and Reliable Election Outsourcing Partner

      Prior to COVID-19, the global market for elections, surveys and election polling for governments, organisations and enterprises was reported to be greater than A $20bn. Today public safety measures and increased digitalisation has disrupted much of this activity, creating an opportunity for Horizon State to increase its role as a trusted outsourcing partner for assisting governments, organisations and enterprises managing their elections and sensitive stakeholder engagements.

    3. Award-Winning Product

      Horizon State was selected by the World Economic Forum in 2018 as a top global Technology Pioneer and has developed a best-in-class proprietary digital voting platform. Horizon State leverages blockchain technology to commit individual vote results to an unalterable public record in a manner which guarantees user privacy.

    4. Proven and Primed for Global Roll-out

      Horizon State have already worked with the Governments of South Australia and New Zealand on various elections and stakeholder engagement around policy decisions. They are currently in active discussions with corporate and political organisations across North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

    5. First Mover in a Growing Industry with High Barriers to Entry

      As a first mover in a global market with few major competitors, Horizon State has the potential to become the market leader. Demand for voting and public polling solutions is constantly fuelled by population growth, increasing utilization of data and accelerating digitalisation. These trends set Horizon State towards sustained long-term growth, underpinned by the strength of their technology and growing client network.

    6. Experienced Management and Advisory Team

      Horizon State is driven by a talented team of experts in blockchain and technology start-ups. The management team is complemented by an advisory team comprising globally renowned political advisers, policy makers and thought leaders who actively facilitate key relationships and provide strategic guidance.

    Market Overview

    Voting, polling and public surveying have existed for millennia and are essential for modern political systems and corporate governance.

    Used by governments, councils, enterprises & NGOs, unions, sports clubs and corporates, the combined global market for elections, online surveys and polling services is more than A $20bn.

    Elections are expensive. For example:

    • MIT estimates that US member states alone spend US $2bn USD annually on election administration and that the 2012 US Presidential election cost US $2.6bn to facilitate.
    • The Australian election cost a total A $378m ($23 per registered voter) and local council elections often average over $7 per voter for each election cycle.

    From the Oscars 2017 to the alleged misconduct in the 2020 US Election, voting systems are increasingly criticised and dissected on their impartially, efficiency and trustworthiness.

    This market is expected to continue growing as more governments and organisations turn to online processes to improve engagement and provide accessibility and convenience demanded by their stakeholders. These organisations are increasingly outsourcing voting functions, as the public lose confidence and trust in their ability to reliably execute them internally. This creates an opportunity for Horizon State, as their blockchain and cloud-based technology provides an efficient, secure and transparent solution that isn’t subject to the same limitations of competitors operating on legacy systems.

    Revenue Model

    Horizon State currently provides bespoke consulting and campaign execution services. Clients are charged based on the number of registered voters and for time spent managing the election.

    With investment Horizon State will expand to also offer a Software as a Service model, charging enterprise and consumer clients a monthly fee for access to the platform to create and manage their elections, surveys and polls themselves.

    This model allows Horizon State to effectively scale in a global market and ensures their product is responsive to the needs of their clients while smoothing future revenue flow. Further, it creates the opportunity to serve multiple departmental clients within large organisations. 

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    Horizon State was born from a community who believe in our vision of revolutionising the way society makes decisions through transparency and trust. Democratising investment opportunities for everyone certainly fits our core ethos and we want to continue in that direction by providing more people with the opportunity to join us on our journey of growth.

    Funds from this raise will be used to expand the team as the business scales and capture opportunities for global growth by accelerating the product roadmap toward a more efficient Software as a Service model.

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