Greenfern Industries

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Cannabis in a new light.

Innovative medical cannabis company powered by an onsite hydro power station.

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Innovative medical cannabis company powered by an onsite hydro power station.

Greenfern Industries

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    What is Greenfern Industries?

    Founded by 5 school friends with a passion for innovation, Greenfern Industries was established to support the emerging medicinal cannabis industry. Located in Taranaki, New Zealand, the company produces therapeutic and wellness products that improve the lives of people looking for an alternative and more holistic approach to health.

    Powered by a hydropower station with views to the stunning Mount Taranaki, Greenfern holds a medicinal cannabis licence to cultivate CBD and THC dominant strains for research purposes. The team is currently building a state-of-the-art facility making this holistic approach to health clean and environmental-friendly.

    Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand

    For decades the physical effects of chronic, life-threatening and terminal illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, MS and epilepsy have been treated with pharmaceutical drugs. However, the side effects of many pharmaceutical products used to manage pain have a negative impact on the body and can be life-limiting. 

    Alternatives like medicinal cannabis were not legally available in New Zealand but results from countries that had already approved medicinal cannabis were outstanding. In December 2018, the New Zealand Government passed legislation that allowed easier access to medicinal cannabis products and opened up the opportunity for a domestic industry to be established. Greenfern became one of a few New Zealand companies with a research cultivation licence ready to take advantage of this new legislation.

    In addition to medical use, New Zealanders are going to vote on the legalisation of recreational cannabis in September 2020, another major opportunity for Greenfern.

    Powering our future

    By 2025, the medicinal cannabis industry is expected to be worth more than NZD $70 billion globally. There are currently 250,000 medicinal cannabis users in New Zealand and with 33% of people willing to try therapeutic cannabis products, the industry is expected to be worth NZD $1 billion locally.

    With a clear pathway to multiple revenue streams, Greenfern is going to the crowd for the second time offering Kiwis the opportunity to invest and join the team. The company is raising funds to purchase a hydropower station to produce sustainable and accessible medicinal cannabis products and fast-track its growth for a potential IPO in 2021.

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