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The ultimate urban electric motorcycle

FTN Motion

FTN set out to question the norm and change the way New Zealand, and the world, commutes. The mission was and remains simple: create electric motorcycles underpinned by timeless design, practicality and quality craftsmanship.

    Company Overview

    FTN Motion is creating a new category of vehicles for environmentally conscious commuters who value true craftsmanship and good design. 

    Starting from a single prototype and first investment in 2021, FTN’s world-class team of software, electronic and mechanical engineers have gone on to develop an electric urban motorcycle that stands out from its peers: the Streetdog. 

    FTN's customers are giving up their petrol driven cars for an electric motorcycle, which combines timeless design with world-class engineering. After a successful launch of the Beta Streetdog to Wellington-based businesses and customers in 2022, the team at FTN has now delivered the sold-out run of 100 Early Adopter bikes across New Zealand. The response from first customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

    With this pre-series A equity raise, FTN is looking to scale local assembly capacity, introduce production upgrades and start expansion into Australia and Europe.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Delivering Bikes

      FTN has delivered the first production run of 100 Early Adopter bikes and is now working on the second production run of 60 bikes.

    2. Pre-Orders

      Beyond the first 160 bikes, FTN is already close to selling out its third NZ production run and will soon be launching its first Australian pre-order production waitlist.

    3. Certifications

      FTN has co-developed a battery in partnership with a global battery manufacturer that has been certified for international distribution. A third party design review for EU/AU vehicle certification has been completed. ADR compliance for Australian on-road certification is in progress.

    4. Happy Customers

      FTN’s first customers have racked up more than 50,000 emission-free kms already. The positive reviews emphasise the bike’s craftsmanship and riding experience.

    5. Waitlist

      FTN has an email subscriber list of over 2,600 and encourages interested customers to deposit $100 in order to reserve their spot in a production run.

    6. Established Supply Chain

      FTN’s strong supplier relationships and future order commitments have allowed second production run components to be ordered on time, and round one cost reductions to be realised through reduced component and shipping costs.

    7. Design Quality

      FTN's fresh approach to design and tech integration makes everyday use a seamless experience with beautiful and functional features. A key focus has been the integration of hardware and software with reliable battery technology.

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    Since opening up their raise to wholesale investors, the team has been blown away by the response from its rider community wanting to invest and participate in the growth and success of FTN. Community is core to the values and ethos of FTN, so the team has partnered up with Equitise to help everyday investors own a share of FTN on the same terms as wholesale investors. Investors will share in the Company’s future success and have access to exclusive rewards and benefits.