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Auto Repairs Direct

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Australia's #1 all-in-one online marketplace for all your automotive needs!

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Australia's leading marketplace for auto parts!

Auto Repairs Direct

Australia's most comprehensive automotive end-to-end e-tailer, improving a massive industry!

    Company Overview

    Auto Repairs Direct (ARD) is a Melbourne based online automobile marketplace. We are bringing together all the parts of the automotive industry into one online garage.

    The global automotive market is complex and no wonder. The average car has roughly 30,000 parts, if you count all parts down to the nuts and bolts. If you consider large parts such as the engine as one part, you can say that a car has about 1,800 separate parts. Then of course parts need complimentary tools, paints, and consumables to apply and repair them. Repair shops are struggling with old and fragmented supply chains and inefficiencies from dealing with multiple supplier salespeople. This is compounded by payment and cash flow constraints. 

    Our online marketplace provides a seamless experience to search, shop, save, transact, and manage inventory for both the supply side (sellers of auto parts) and the demand side (repairs shops and individuals).

    Over 10,000 customers and 40 sellers can attest to ARD’s game changing solution for an industry that has been slow to adapt to digital technology. We’ve received backing from VCs, forged partnerships with leading data players and are only just getting started.

    We’ve already secured $600k worth of investment as part of our current seed round (close to half our target,) and are providing our stakeholders the opportunity to join us in our journey as shareholders at this pivotal point in our growth.

    Investment Highlights

    1. Fast and profitable growth

      ARD grew top line revenue 300%+ in FY22, achieving over $1.12m in revenue. Impressively the team achieved a 16% net profit margin of $184k as it builds a sustainable and profitable high-growth business, debt free.

    2. Backed by experienced VC investors

      ARD has received investment from PitchVC who have been involved and invested in Aussie tech success stories such as Mr Yum. Their ongoing expertise is invaluable to ARD’s growth and they are leading this current Seed Round of investment.

    3. Game changing data partnership

      ARD has signed a strategic partnership with NZ based Partly, one of the world's leading providers of auto parts fitment data. The partnership enhances our growing data and tech stack, and provides a unique and compelling advantage to competitors. Partly was recently named one of New Zealand's best tech startup organisations, who were backed early by Blackbird VC. They see a huge opportunity in what ARD is doing to consolidate the automotive industry into one platform and they’re well invested in the company with an early equity stake of their own.

    4. Significant market and growth opportunities

      The global automotive marketplace is barrelling towards a valuation of $530b by 2028, with ARD directly addressing an underserved $39.8b local industry. ARD has a strong pipeline of revenue stream diversification, new products and international expansion opportunities as it shakes up the sector.

    5. Exceptional founding team

      Founders Steve, Shane and Ross bring together unique experience across marketing, sales, technology and deep auto industry expertise. They have also been heavily involved in building several early stage businesses, experiences which is invaluable to scaling ARD. 

    Why Equity Crowdfunding

    ARD was borne off the struggles that individual buyers and sellers have to face whilst seeking their automotive needs. We are driven by our goal to connect and improve the experiences of motorheads - so who better to guide and inform our mission than our community!

    Investing in ARD grants you equity in an exciting disruptor within the automotive retail space,  with the funds invested used to implement a 24-month runway to drive local and global expansion - including organisational structure, infrastructure and tech development, brand awareness and customer acquisition.

    Come join our community of visionaries nurturing ARD into the international automotive marketplace giant it can and will be!

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