Invest in a leading Australian brand and manufacturer of organic and gluten-free health food products.

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Our passion is to create delicious whole food products that are nutrient dense and made with integrity and love. We inspire our customers to make healthier food choices through our range of convenient and nourishing foods.

Danielle Minnebo and Natasja Jirwander founded Food to Nourish in early 2013 when they identified a gap in the market for genuinely delicious health foods. Danielle’s masterful knowledge of nutrition and her love of cooking enabled her to create healthy foods that are “addictive”. Natasja’s background in design allowed her to create our vibrant and unique labels, each design drawn by hand, which captures the quality ingredients we use in our products.

What began as a small business rolling bliss balls in Danielle’s home kitchen and delivering them to local health food stores, fast grew into a nationally recognised brand. Now operating out of a new custom built 600m2 production facility in West Gosford, NSW.

Success to Date

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Food to Nourish brand
sold in over 800+ stores Australia wide and exports to Singapore

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Contract Manufacturing growth
revenue growth of 84% in FY18 and growth of 37% in FY19

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Commercial Validation
received $330K NSW govt regional growth loan in 2018

Business Model

Our business model is based on two income streams:

Food to Nourish brand:

A organic and gluten-free health food brand sold in over 800 stores Australia wide and exported to Singapore. Our range includes 37 product lines, including snacks, nut butters, baking mixes and breakfast cereals.

Two areas of growth we wish to capitalise on is firstly expanding our ecommerce sales from 3% to 10%. And secondly, expanding our range into mainstream markets in Australia through new product development. As well as expanding internationally into Asia, US and NZ markets.

Contract Manufacturing:

Manufacturing over 40 product lines for 7 current clients in the food industry. We offer a dedicated gluten and dairy free facility, HACCP and NASAA certified, flexible minimum order quantities, new product development support and market experience. Right now demand is so high that we are struggling to keep up with current clients forecasted order volumes.

We are also fielding contract enquiries from larger companies who supply mainstream supermarkets. This funding will allow us to purchase the equipment required to satisfy both current manufacturing demand and confidently accept new manufacturing opportunities.

Food to Nourish wants its community to be part of its exciting journey, owning part of the company whilst receiving discounts on the product range online.

With the funds raised, Food to Nourish will improve manufacturing capacity and efficiencies allowing it to; fulfill existing clients larger upcoming orders, new product development for brand, expand into mainstream markets in Australia, expand internationally into Asia, US and NZ markets and improve margins in all revenue streams.

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Please consider the general risk warning and Offer Information Statement before investing.