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Firstcheck is first-of-its-kind, life-saving technology fighting Australasia’s skin cancer epidemic by placing game-changing innovation in the hands of everyday people, revolutionising skin cancer screening.

With a unique and scalable platform, Firstcheck provides affordable, convenient and reliable skin checks online - connecting customers with expert skin cancer doctors remotely, anytime.

Firstcheck’s technology allows skin doctors to diagnose skin cancers using photographs, meaning customers can now check their moles and skin spots via their smartphone.

Firstcheck’s doctor-consultation mobile App combines with the Firstcheck SkinScopeTM - a specialised skin magnifier enabling the capture of highly-magnified skin photographs - empowering customers to control their own wellbeing while providing peace of mind for both themselves and their family.

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2 in 3 people will
get skin cancer

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85.4% of melanomas
are self-detected

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Over 33,000 Firstcheck
App downloads to date

Firstcheck has achieved significant results to date, having partnered with enterprise level customers off the back of impressive clinical results. These partners include a leading life insurer and national pharmacy organisations as well as dermatology and skin clinics - each representing significant opportunities for growth and reach.

Firstcheck’s contribution to the digital health sector has seen them presenting at med-tech conferences alongside other leading research and diagnostic specialists from around the world. Now involved with universities and health organisations leading in their field of research, Firstcheck is collaborating on the additional potential for their technology to help with other known skin diseases.

Firstcheck’s innovation has already been recognised in the NZ Innovation Awards, New Zealander of the Year Awards, and the Ministry of Health’s MedTech Innovation Showcase.

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Clinical studies prove accurate
remote diagnosis through photographs

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Global teledermatology market
to be USD 8.6 billion by 2024

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Firstcheck is first-of-its-kind
and already credited with saving lives

The funds raised will support the next steps to take their technology global, focussed first on growth - particularly customer acquisition - across Australasian markets. Firstcheck raises awareness around skin cancer, makes skin check technology accessible for early detection, and ultimately saves more people from this highly preventable and largely treatable disease.

Register your interest below and join the preventative health revolution, disrupting healthcare for the better and saving lives.

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Please consider the general risk warning and offer document before investing.