Marketing Assistant

Full-time | Sydney NSW, Australia
Equitise is the market leader in crowd equity funding. We bring together high growth, innovative companies (that go through a rigorous internal selection process) and investors through our online platform to create a win- win situation. Our company played a pivotal role in creating the recently licensed retail equity crowdfunding market in Australia which allows Australian and New Zealand citizens to invest as little as $50 and become a shareholder in a business. More importantly, the new retail crowdfunding platform allows loyal customers to become an integral part of a business they have loved and admired. Please visit our website at if you want any additional information about our company.
At Equitise, we fully understand that a good work environment helps enhance productivity, satisfaction and creativity. Our office is conveniently located in the Tank Stream Lab coworking space on 17-19 Bridge Street in the heart of Sydney CBD. Our Coworking office space includes a café quality coffee machine, massage chair, ping pong table and a bar and entertainment area. Employees are also welcoming to join the Run club and/or the Golf club and enjoy free Yoga and Pilates classes every other Thursday and free breakfast every Friday. Interested employees can also take part in various Tank Stream Lab events.
Equitise is a startup company. This means you will be working with a relatively small team consisting of around 10 members. The team is very friendly, diverse and more importantly goal/objective driven. Most of your duties and responsibilities mentioned below will take place in a fast paced, creative and innovative environment which will compliment someone willing to ‘wear many hats’ and ‘think outside the box’. Individuals who appreciate the vast learning potential from getting their hands dirty in multiple tasks/roles and the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, will be best suited for the position.
The job title for the position is Analyst. This is a full-time position and the person who occupies this role will report to the Head of Fundraising at Equitise. We are looking for people who are digitally savvy, take initiative and more importantly are punctilious.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning, developing and executing marketing campaigns across several channels including Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), print, video, social media, blog and website.
  • Managing, writing and monitoring social media campaigns including conducting affiliate marketing.
  • Performing market research to help Equitise know their customers better.
  • Analyzing existing digital marketing platforms to determine effectiveness of current advertisement campaigns.
  • Using google analytics and similar reporting tools to provide the team feedback on our marketing activity and effectiveness.
  • Increasing our website traffic through effective use of Customer Relationship Management tools.
  • Optimizing content for Search Engine optimization (SEO) and working to improve Search Engine Management (SEM).
  • Writing content for EDM’s and the blog including conducting keyword research on blog topics.

Required skills and competencies

  • Minimum 1 preferably 2 years of experience in a marketing role.
  • Experience in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management tools like Keyword Planner, AdWords.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build close working relationships with team members and external stakeholders.
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing data including using CRM tools.
  • Strong knowledge of digital marketing.
  • Good working knowledge of MS office.
  • Proficiency with digital media softwares like Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe Indesign highly regarded

NOTE: Applicants must be living in Australia and hold an applicable work visa if not an Australian citizen.

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