Risk Warning

The invitation to apply for new fully paid ordinary shares (‘Shares’) in Booktopia Group Ltd (‘Booktopia’) is being made by Booktopia (who is the issuer of the Shares), by way of a crowdfunding offer (‘Offer’). The offer information statement (‘OIS’) for the Offer is available on the Equitise crowdfunding platform. The Offer is made in the OIS. Before considering an investment you should consider the OIS in deciding whether to acquire Shares. To acquire Shares in the Offer, you will need to complete the digital application form that accompanies the OIS on the Equitise crowdfunding platform.

The OIS contains important information about the Offer, the industry Booktopia operates in as well as the financial performance and position, operations, and management team of Booktopia. The key risks associated with an investment in Booktopia include systems failure, hacking attacks, recruitment and retention of key staff, distribution centre problems and competition. The risks associated with investing in Booktopia are detailed in Section 10 of the OIS. You are encouraged to read the OIS carefully and in its entirety before making an investment decision.