Video: How to Verify Your Accredited Investor Status

How to Verify Your Investor Status

1. Create an Account

2. Verify your identity using your choice of identification (eg in Australia that is either your passport, drivers license or medicare number)

3. In your dashboard, update your Investor status

4. Download the investor certificate (in Australia this is the s708 document), unless you have a similar recent version to provide us with. Ask your accountant to fill it out and upload the completed certificate to your dashboard.

Accredited (or Wholesale/Sophisticated/Qualifying) Investors have access to exclusive offers and can also invest in raises from other countries.

To become an Accredited Investor you need to satisfy your country's requirements pertaining to wealth and/or knowledge of investing. Read this article What is an Accredited Investor to see if you qualify.

If you have any questions, please give us a shout via our live chat function.

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