Supporting female founders and investors

The Partnership:

Equitise and AusMumpreneur have teamed up to support and promote Australian female entrepreneurs and investors. Each year the number of female founders grows however over the last four years, funding into these companies has plateaued. Equitise and AusMumpreneur want to change this, helping more female founders to access growth capital, and providing investors with more opportunity to support female founded businesses. If you’re an investor or a founder and are passionate about getting involved, register your interest to hear more about the partnership.

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In 2017, female founders received only 2% of venture capital funding

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In 2018, only 12% of funding globally went to teams with at a female founder

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Funding into female-founded companies has plateaued over the last 4 years

Who is Equitise?

Equitise is Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading equity crowdfunding platform.

Equity crowdfunding allows anyone over 18 years to invest in exciting early stage companies in return for equity. Investing is easy, takes minutes through our automated online investment platform and starts from as little as $50.

It gives investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor, joining a startup they are passionate about. As a shareholder these investors can earn a return if the startup succeeds.

For early stage and innovative companies, equity crowdfunding helps access growth potential, giving them a much-needed alternative for raising capital.

In the 18 months since the first equity crowdfunding licenses were issued, Equitise has raised more than $9 million for 8 different companies including 3 companies which have had female founders.

Having received far fewer applications from female founders to undertake an equity crowdfund, Equitise wants to help more Aussie mums access the growth capital they need. In addition, only 25% of those who have invested in equity crowdfunds have been women, which means there's a real opportunity to educate female investors about this type of investing, giving them the opportunity to support fellow females.

Who is AusMumpreneur?

Founders of AusMumpreneur, Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner are passionate about supporting women. They believe that changing the world begins with helping women and that investing in women has the potential to improve the outcomes for education, mental health, physical health and social well-being for now and for the future.

This idea inspired them to create AusMumpreneur - an online community which supports, elevates, celebrates, represents and inspires thousands of women who have founded businesses that work around their family life. It does this by offering mentorship and advice, education and hosting conferences and events.

And now the sisters are turning their attention to helping female founders to secure funding by connecting them to potential investors who want to support and invest in female-led businesses. That’s why they have teamed up with Equitise.

If you’d like to hear more about equity crowdfunding or if you’d like the opportunity to support and invest in female-led companies, please register your interest below.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding became accessible to all Australian's over the age of 18 in January 2018. It's a new way to invest that enables broad groups of investors (‘the crowd’) to fund early stage companies in return for equity. It helps these companies access the capital they require and gives investors a chance to invest in businesses they are passionate about. Retail investors can invest up to $10,000. Sophisticated investors are unlimited in their investment.

If you want to know more about equity crowdfunding, head to the Equitise FAQs page.

How to invest:

Before investing, you’ll need to create an account with Equitise and then, once logged in, please verify your identity. Both steps should only take a few minutes.

If you have questions along the way about investing or about the offer, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at or instantly via the chat feature on the Equitise website.

Register your interest now.

Please consider the general risk warning and offer document (when it is available) before investing.